Jeepney’s Chori Burger: New York’s Best

How do you find a burger made with half beef and half chorizo topped with banana catsup and pickled papaya on a Jewish Challah bun served hot with sweet potato fries and Maggie garlic aioli dip? Sounds weird? Not really. This is Jeepney’s Chori Burger; the newest cravings in the New York City.


Jeepney’s Chori Burger (Photo by: Redelyn Juan)

I was intrigued that Jeepney had matched up an unusual set of dish and even captured the hearts of many New Yorkers. Will you be surprised to know that this burger won the Golden Burger trophy at the Time Out New York’s Battle of the Burger?


Chori Burger with banana catsup, pickled papaya (carica), sweet potato fries and Maggie garlic aioli dip. (Photo by: Redelyn Juan)

For over 40 years, Time Out had published travel guides searching for distinct facets of cities around the world. The lifestyle magazine is currently on its 46th edition in 30 countries, not to mention its online crowd.

This burger from Jeepney had beaten famous burgers from prominent restaurants in New York City on the burger competition held at South Street Seaport: the wood side community Donovan’s, the famed Burger Joint, the fast casual restaurant Shake Shack, Corner Bistro, Steak and Shake and Five Guys. Yes, it does!

Dining in a New York City fast food restaurant, you would expect a classic burger meat made from beef, pork or chicken probably. Early in 2000, mushroom burgers became popular because of its impressive scrumptious taste. Even vegan restaurants have more creative ways of serving processed veggie meat. This, without a doubt, had proven that burgers are timeless.


Chori Burger with Maggie garlic aoili dip (Photo by: Redelyn Juan)


Jeepney’s Executive Chef Miguel Trinidad said that this is one way of bringing in chorizo to Americans that are reluctant to try foods combined with a twist from other countries. If they see it in, then they would be willing to try it.

Nicole Ponseca, the co-owner of Jeepney said that their cook prayed to God for each burger made to be a winner. God is really great. Thus of 2000 Chori Burgers that’s been served, each of them was blessed. Having the same opinion, every customer agrees that Chori Burger has a remarkable taste prepared with unique spices and well-cooked meat. Undeniably, that made the brand which makes the gastropub the front runner!


Jeepney in New York City (Photo by: Redelyn Juan)

If you’ll happen to be in the New York City, Jeepney is at 201 1st Avenue. It’s between 13th Street and 12th Street in East Village. 

Jeepney’s Chori Burger will compete in Miami, Florida on February 2015 for the Battle of the Burger presented by Rachel Ray at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.


Credits to:

Nicole Ponseca, Jeepney’s co-owner

Chef Miguel Trinidad, Jeepney’s Executive Chef


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