Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 13th April 1919 Amritsar

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 13th April 1919 Amritsar


Many outside people didn’t hear about it.However Jallianwala bagh has historical importance.In this post author will tell about its significance and give you in depth detail.This place is considered very important for all Indian people.

The Jallianwala bagh massacre,Amritsar is stigma on the Indian Independence struggle.Although the sign of blood on Jallianwala bagh or garden walls is not there but the blood spot and pain the people of India got after this tragic massacre can’t be erased.

What Is Jallianwala Bagh?

Jallianwala Bagh is a place situated in Amritsar city of Punjab state of India.You can see its location below in Google map.It was not so known city.However after massacre in british era in this place,Amritsar name become synonym with jallianwala Bagh.


Jallianwala Bagh Is Visited By Top Officials

Everyday number people from around the world visit Jallianwala bagh.Every dignitaries,president,prime minister or vip of visiting country in India,comes in this place and pay tribute to the people died in the incident.Recently David cameron and Queen Elizabeth has also visited Jallianwala bagh.


As this place is associated with British rule in India,recently British PM David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth has visited this historical place.They apologize for the incident and paid tribute there.


Jaliwala Bagh Incident

On 13 April 1919, many people have gathered in the Jaliwala bagh. In Hindi language, Garden is usually said bagh. People in the garden includes men, women, children’s and old people.At that time, people were celebrating baisakhi festival in amritsar. Mainly Sikh community celebrates this festival as they cut their grown wheat and other crop. They become very happy as this is big festival for them.


Many people were collected there to celebrate Jaliawala bagh festival. There was only one big entrance in the bagh. All other entrance was narrow one. General Dyer got the new about gathering and he came there with enough number of soldiers and ordered soldiers to fire them right on the people gathered there.



Miscalculation Of People Died In Jallianwala Bagh

This was very sudden for the poor people gathered there. Soldiers started continuous fire with their guns until there all ammunition ended. Due to this cruel act by general dyer, many innocent people killed. Cruel British government has quoted the number of people as 350.However it was totally false and man made figure. In fact the number of people killed in this brutal act by dyer was more than 1000.


To save their life, many people jumped in well in the jallianwala bagh that was without water.People tried to come out but because of curfew imposed after this incident,people couldn’t come out.Some people run over people trying to get out.However no one can come out of the bagh as dyer and soliders was continuously firing from only one main entrance gate of jaliawala bagh.

Reason Of Massacre

It is said that general dyer made an pretext that some days before people have attacked on teacher of British origin. However this was totally lie. Another reason was fear of revolt on big scale. However later it proved that this gathering was only to celebrate basakhi festival.


Inquiry For Jaliawala Bagh Massacare

After the incident the inquiry or commission was set up. It was called hunter commission that thoroughly inspected the each part of the massacre. It talked with most of the relative of person died there or recovered from wound. At last in the report of commission, dyer was found guilty and all his false argument was refuted.However he was not punished ,just relieved from his government service.


After India got independence, a special red color monument was constructed in the memory of innocent people killed in Jaliwalabagh massacre. Eternal flames have been made around the structure which shows that people killed here will always remain the memory of people along with this incident.


In A Nutshell

It is our duty to remember these incident and take lesson from it.It is responsibility of different countries government that these incident should not be repeated.It is time to remember all those diseased person and pay homage to them.

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