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jack reacher

Jack Reacher, the character from the series written by Lee Child, is a former Major in the United States Army Military Police Corps. Jack was born on 29th October 1960 at a military base in Berlin and graduated at the West Point US Military Academy. He served for 13 years in the Military Police and it was during this time he became part of the Military Police Unit known as the 110th Special Investigations Unit (which is a fictional branch).

He was once demoted from Major to Captain however by the time he mustered out he had regained his rank of Major. During his military career he gained many awards such as the Silver Star, The Legion Of Merit, The Defense Superior Service Medal, The Bronze Star, the Soliders Medal and received a Purple heart when he was wounded in the bombing of US Marine Corps in 1983 in Beirut.

Since Jack mustered out of the Army he has been a bit of nomad and refuses to conform to society’s norms. He wanders the United States and because of his Army upbringing he feels he never got to see his own country, so by wandering around the country he gets to see a lot more. He generally travels by hitchhiking or taking buses and his only possessions are money, a toothbrush and since the attacks on 9/11 he now carries an expired passport as well as an ATM debit card.

Jack Reacher doesn’t talk a lot but is an uncomplicated man who has the same faults as many of us. He has a habit of not answering people when they ask questions instead he tends to shrug or nod and waits for people to become uncomfortable with the silences and fill it in – this is the way he learns about people.

Jack Reacher is a killer; sometimes in the stories he will kill a person who he believes deserves it, even if they are no longer a threat. It is his own form of justice. Jack prefers to be alone and states that he has a mild case of agoraphobia, though in this case it is taken to mean that he does not have a fear of open spaces but has a fear of crowds of people.
One of Jack Reachers better skills is that he always knows what time of the day it is but never wears a watch. He uses his internal clock which has never failed him and he is able to wake up at the exact time he wants to. It is often referred to in several of the novels that Reacher has quite a fascination with mathematics.

He is a highly skilled fighter which has only been enhanced by his technical and military knowledge. He has skills and some experience in different martial arts but is not a master in any of them. He is often stronger than his opponents but the author is generally careful to ensure the opponents are of either the same size or larger than him. Jack is always aware of everything happening around him and always sits with his back to a wall so he can see everything going on in front of him and can never be attacked from behind.

Jack Reacher has starred in 18 novels, 6 short stories, and 1 film (with a second film upcoming).

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