Israel Palestine Conflict In A Nutshell



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The Israel-Palestine Conflict has existed for so long. If you ever visited Israel few years back, Tel-Aviv specifically, you will notice how beautiful and serene the place is and Palestine is no difference, it used to have a quiet and tranquil city inhabited by people going about their daily activities. The entry of Muslim movement such as Jihad and Hamas changed everything. Perhaps the root of Israel and Palestine conflict was deeply rooted in the history of their lands itself, and that is the dispute between the Jews and the Muslims.

History of Israel-Palestine Conflict in a Nutshell

 Israel has a rich heritage rooted deep in religion. Palestinians, on the other hand, consist mainly of Arabs that have embraced the Muslim Religion. The most basic reason for the dispute between Israel and Palestine is land. The advent of Zionism initiated the hatred towards Jews. Zionism came about during the early 1800, which resulted because of Europe‚Äôs belief of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is the extreme hatred towards Jews, which became the fulcrum for violence and prejudice that erupted during those times. Zionism supported the belief that Jews should establish their own territory in Palestine.



Image from Pixabay

  •  Balfour Declaration

 Zionism is supported by the British government through the Balfour Declaration. As a result of this declaration and because of the violence of the Nazis, more Jews migrated to Arab-populated Palestine. After World War two, the United Nations split the Palestinian territory into two; Israel as the Jewish state and Palestine the Arab state. This partition plan of the United Nations resulted to the violent reaction from the Palestinians and many Palestinians fled, and few others are forcibly expelled.

  • Declaration of the State of Israel

On May 14, 1948, Israel settlers declared the National State of Israel despite the protest of Palestinians and this resulted to war. Israel was able to encompassed nearly 75 percent of Palestine, and the remaining areas of Palestine became West Bank and Gaza Strip. On 1967, Israel was able to occupy the West Bank and Gaza. Many violent uprisings broke ever since.

  • Hamas Terrorism

A terrorist group named; Hamas has ceded the control of Gaza strip, and they were firing rocket back and forth with the Israelis. This conflict has been inflated by the killings of three Israelite teenagers who were found dead after going into hike in West Bank. The Israel government believes that Hamas is behind all the killings, so this alone initiated another series of violent retaliation. Up until now, Israel has been seeking to take control of Gaza where the Hamas terrorist has been spreading chaos. The Israel and Palestine conflict is self-perpetuating, and anarchy is far from over.

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