Is Managed Print Services Right for Your Business?

If your company has an Information Technology department and the operation of your business involves a lot of printing and copying, you’ve probably heard about managed print services. If the opposite is true, maybe it’s time for you to inquire how print management or print fleet solutions can be of help to your enterprise.


Even if your company is not practicing systematic print management, you will be able to determine if managed print services works for your business. Try to consider these factors:


1. Your office implements printing technology


Printing technology refers to the use of printing devices in the process of producing printed material. Whether you have a single facility with three printers or you have hundreds of printers in different places, managed print services can work well for your business. MPS is a management tool that is beneficial to any business regardless of size and quantity of printing equipment.


2. Your company employs a print strategy


A print strategy refers to a business organization’s attempt to control, schedule or monitor its own printing process. If your company uses a strategy in its printing processes, it could be a good start towards implementing a structured, systematic and cost-efficient print management system. If you have not seen the benefits of your present strategy in terms of cost and efficiency, you may not be able to appreciate MPS at this point. But if you will give it a try, you can surely see the big difference it can deliver, and this can translate to up to 30% reduction in printing and copying expenses.


3. You don’t have a detailed idea of your printing costs


Like most businesses, you might not have a clear idea how much your company is spending (or wasting) on printing consumables and man-hours. A majority of businesses don’t actually monitor how much they have spent on the printing and copying department. They only aspects they consider are the cost of equipment and supplies. Many companies ignore or don’t even know how much has been wasted in the process.


A working printing solution gives a company the ability to know and monitor its own printing costs. This includes the cost of equipment, supplies, repair and maintenance, and other related costs. If you have real data about these costs, you will surely want to find ways to manage and control them. This is one critical area MPS providers can offer solutions to.


4. You want your company to optimize its print resources to save time and money


A good print strategy can help your business save up to 30% of its printing costs. Moreover, before an MPS can even start, the very first things a provider will do is conduct a printing technology assessment to reveal areas in your company that spend a lot on printing and copying. This will serve as the basis for proposed solutions that aim to cut these costs. This will eventually give way to the implementation of a structured print fleet management system.


Employing managed print services is an effective way to streamline your print environment. You should consider it for your business. Even giant providers of print and copy solutions are offering MPS because of its benefits to any enterprise regardless of size.


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