Is Helping People Stressful or Annoying?

Helping others shouldn’t be stressful at all. If so then perhaps individuals aren’t helping the right people. “If others are trying to create frustration when there’s a helping hand then it’s best to move on to calmer waters.” That’s right! No person should be consumed with stress when trying to assist in anyway. No person is under any obligation to do so. However God the Creator of Mankind wants His Children to be “Cheerful Givers.” Kind of difficult to remain cheerful when dealing with annoying people. However shouldn’t stop a person from assisting in someway. 

Some may think that individuals absolutely have to help. Doesn’t make any sense to attack the ones who are helping. What really doesn’t make any sense is when “they’re bullying and demanding” that a person comes in to help. What are they thinking? People will try a person insane if one allows. It’s better to assist the ones who appreciate the help. Some are even called all sorts of names. Really makes me want to come in and just help. 

Harassing, bashing, and attacking and demanding that the person come in and just work with a group of unappreciative beings. Sounds wonderful huh? That’s some are dealing with and not only demanding but the person is offering free services. Gosh. “Some people have the nerve.” That’s why so many aren’t helping others as much as they’ve use to. They’re not willing to be used. Every person will be used at some point but when they’re threatened and attacked then that’s when there has to be a cease to the helping. 

Help the ones who appreciate the help. The ones who don’t have to bully others in order to get their way. Imagine being stressed out for FREE! Not That. I’m just amazed at the behaviors of most people. They’re on some sort of control trip. Wait! Imagine if they’ve used the persons’s email and went all through their information. God must be pleased. I’m really being sarcastic with “the statement.” 

How to Deal With Such People?

There has to be a decision whether one wants to keep their sanity or not. In order to do so. There “needs” to be some distance. Refusing to accept mistreatment. Some aren’t treating fair on their jobs but they’re getting paid. Imagine offering free services and then they withhold earnings. 

Tanikka Paulk doesn’t write for free. Free Business Promotions is something totally different. Doens’t work on websites for free. Unfair treatment and then told to assist. 

Refuse to be treated like dirt and then used as a slave. There is no rules that state a person is under any obligation to offer free services. It’s so sad there’s so many who are so unfair and they’re really bigots. Telling lies and knowing the persons they’ve named aren’t the ones doing the work. They’re the type of people we should all be proud to work with. 

Tanikka Paulk is a writer, blogger, poet. Founder of The Remarkable Person Project and Life Experiences VP (Visionary With a Purpose). An Author, Advocate “The Mommy Advocate,” Mother to 5 Sons. Offers Free Business Promotions but Refuses to be People or “The People” Slave. 

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“I’m no Rag Doll and Refuse to be Treated Unfairly.” BY: 

Tanikka Paulk

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