Is Digital Signage the Future for the Restaurant Business Marketing?

The world is ever evolving thanks to technological innovations on digital signage applications in the restaurant industry.Looking all around the places we visit daily, there is a highdemand for real-time content, or at least it is our expectation in this age. Restaurants are no exception to applying this same technology to deliver an excellent experience to customers.

Prospectively, the adoption of customized display will greatly fuel growth among the small and large hoteliers. In addition, the platform allows information displays, content authoring and other interactive services.

In the past, technology was a preserve ofthe starred restaurants and bars as it was capital intensive, making it challenging for the small players to adopt. However, times have changed and electronic message boards have seen increasedimplementation in the sector. Presently, food trucks, outdoor restaurants & bars, outdoor pastry services, and small mom-and-pop cafes are taking the implementation to another level. With digital signage, the complexity earlier experienced has been eliminated, making it easy for all restaurateurs to create and manage content on their own.

Appreciating the proliferation of the phenomenon described above, the world is on the verge of creating something that is very transformative and consumer-experience oriented. It is all in our eyes that the key players that never shied and “went digital” earlier have inspiring tales to tell and it becomes even easier for them at the moment to overhaul the systems in pursuit of enhancing customer experience using the developed new ways.

There are numerous and effective ways for restaurants to make the most of digital signage adoption.

How to benefit from digital signage

  • Introduction of smart music and media platform to deliver a jukebox-like music experience, with accessibility on the customers’ smartphones with patrons controlling commands to create unique and memorable ambience for customers
  • For fast food restaurants, installing interactive touch screen displays in the waiting bay to enable queuing customers to familiarize with the menu

Conferring to the constant changes on the restaurant menu offerings, promotions, item discounts and restrictions on FDA regulations and beyond, the technology comes in handy in ensuring quick response in updating and displaying real-time content to improve on customerservice provider communication in a somewhat stimulating manner,expending on man’s growing desire to develop easy-to-use interactive technology to effectively manage daily tasks and provide instant solutions.

Reflecting on the past years, the implementation and integration of technology in the restaurant industry has made great strides including digital menus, table-side tablets, and smartphone applications just to make customers happy.

With certainty, the rapid incorporation of technology in ‘restro business’ the future is waiting.  The ultimate objective to creating a new world experience is embodied in digital technology. It only requires the players in the industry to stay ahead by investing in the technology to ultimately take the opportunity to meet consumers’ needs.

Restaurateurs are going beyond their ways to move away from the simple functionality of the technologies. Remarkably, every other player is increasingly embracing interactive functionalities to solely enhance consumer enjoyment and develop operational efficiencies in all units.

Acknowledging the focus in changing the consumption style, the platforms offer an opportunity for hoteliers to provide nutritional information recognizing the need for healthy life. Most importantly, the quest to unravel the potential of digital signage will help shape dining venues and bars, playing out well to fuel increased growth.

Benefits of digital signage in restaurants

  • Allows flexibility in updating content of menu items and nutritional information
  • Enticing to consumer as it is more eye-catching than print materials, causing them to make more purchases.
  • Offers the chance to promote available healthier options through the visualization capabilities
  • Real-time information display via digital content is highly beneficial for both customer and restaurant
  • Decrease in operational costs for the business. No more expenses to replace print media that wears out
  • Achieving higher sales
  • Enhanced guest satisfaction

Digital signage utilities in restaurants

Guest experience

It is the objective of every hotelier to make a great experience for each consumer to make them feel special. Through individual ordering platforms provided on the table, a hotelier creates the perception of reduced waiting times and exclusive services.

In addition, a plethora of games and entertainment options are available. This allows guests to have a feel and desire to access fresh content to stimulate satisfaction.

However, not overlooking the limits of using the advanced technologies in restaurants, it is crucial to institute security and protection systems. The display tablets take up space on the tables, thus requiring more space. Again, frequent monitoring is required for security purposes and damage issues. In addition, the gadgets could be unavailable for everyone, one customer at a time.

Projected display with interactive touch

The technology with interactive touch on projected displays amplifies the key benefits of digital signage in restaurants while at the same time helps to address prevalent limitations by providing solutions in place pleasantly.

Considerably, the technology has a combination of projected display and time-of-flight sensing in a single, integrated module with the capability of producing high-definition images, increasing visualization. As in many cases and environmental factors, the dinner experience is usually exquisite with the display technology.

During the image projection, the virtual screen avails options for ordering, games to play while waiting for service and service request. To get customers’ views, there is an option available to give feedback and appreciation.

Also, online payments, once integrated in the system, will allow cashless payment. On completion of using the touch screen display screens, the screen has default settings to go back to the usual status updates and promotional communication. The interactive displays are effective in providing real-time information to diners, with updates, timing and wait time before food delivery, initiate requests for more drinks, and prompts for ordering dessert, among other options.

Embracing digital signage technology for restaurant, the business owner will be looking at the opportune platform to receive numerous benefits for in-house efficiency and enhanced customer experience, reducing costs, and forging towards the future. To create a health-conscious society, the technology has the prompt capabilities to provide consumers with real-time nutritional advice and newly introduced nutritive menu items.

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