Internet vs School

Internet vs School.
Both of these teach knowledge, and can teach us things in the real world. This article explains which side is actually better. Do you believe that kids should take notes and do work on paper? Or digitally, where all they have to do is type it all out? I would definitely prefer the internet, but there is one thing that I will do this time. Instead of making it all about how the internet is better, it will go for both sides. Are you ready for your eyes to feast on information?

Internet Benefits
The Internet, like I said all that it requires is typing. When you have to do research for projects, the information is in that gigantic space of info. This makes handwriting no longer a problem, and when doing computer-made tests, all you need to do is click A, B, C, or D. It also benefits the teachers, because the computer can actually grade the paper for the teachers, so they sit and wait for the children to finishing the test. Also, we have advanced so far with technology, and once we actually get more funds for schools, (in USA) we can get the high tech computers!

School Benefits
This one is the one without computers. School, the teachers actually directly teach you about a topic this way. When you write down the notes, you will remember the time it took to write them all, and it makes it way easier for it to be remembered. Also, the teacher walks around, and demonstrates the lesson at hand. That person will also interact with the students and make sure that everyone knows the topic. And lastly, they can tell the student about how to do a subject, by staying after class to teach them a bit more about it.

Afterwards, I would recommend the internet for its usefulness, and regular school to actually learn the topic, with the internet still capable of doing that.. So now that you know why I picked the internet, so what you rather do? The main reason I actually picked the internet, because if you search up about something, they easily give you straight-forward answers. But the thing is, over where I live, the schools don’t get enough funding to use the internet for learning. (With everyone.) But maybe, the schools may end up getting more funding for them! When that day comes, I would definitely love to see the smile of the children’s faces once they walk out of the school!

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