Instant Cure For Mild Depression- Cinnamon, Honey and Exercise

Many people look for an instant cure for mild depression when they are feeling down. The solution is not as far away as you might think. The best mood enhancer may be literally right under your nose.

Cinnamon and honey taken together have been shown to be good for depression. Foods like cinnamon and honey that are good for depression work by changing the chemical balance in the body.




Instant Cure For Depression Prior To Menstruation

Women may sometimes feel down when their hormonal levels fluctuate. Exercise is a good instant cure for depression in this type of circumstance. If you are feeling too tired to exercise during or before menstruation, you can improve your mood by using cinnamon and honey as well.


Best Tea for Depression

Take cinnamon and honey in a tea. Have a little honey in your cereal or with oats. Even smelling cinnamon can help to lift your mood instantly when you are feeling down.

If you want to regulate your mood, you can use other types of tea as well. Everyone’s body is different and a tea that works very well for one person may not always produce similar results in another. However, those that do work tend to have several ingredients in common, which are known to get rid of depression naturally. Many people recommend these as the best tea for depression:


Exercise Good For Depression

People nowadays have a lot of information at hand on the topic of living a healthier life. The problem is that we often don’t follow it. Although we are told, for example, that regular exercise will help us to keep our bodies functioning in peak condition; few of us squeeze in time for that sort of activity in our busy schedules. Exercise is good for depression. it releases endorphins which help you feel good.


Instant Cure For Mild Depression- Cinnamon, Honey and Exercise

Instant Cure For Mild Depression- Cinnamon, Honey and Exercise


Cinnamon, Honey and Sleep Benefits

Cinnamon and honey are quite effective in fighting various illnesses. When you rest, that also helps you to feel better and fight off illnesses. Cinnamon and honey have been used as medicines for years in several cultures. Each one also has a flavor that distinguishes it from anything else. Both of these aspects have allowed the substances to gain a foothold in the homes of families all over the globe.

They are easy to add to any dish and have a beneficial effect on the cells of the body. Honey is a natural sweetener and a good substitute for other agents that are used in coffee, tea and smoothies. It offers more health benefits than many other traditional sweeteners such as corn syrup. You can also use cinnamon essential oil in an aroma diffuser.


Raw Food Recipes with Cinnamon for Longevity


Cinnamon also adds to your years and improves health by helping to regulate the blood sugar. Studies have established that cinnamon helps to keep the blood glucose levels in mammals from fluctuating. It is good for people with diabetes to use cinnamon in their breakfast cereal or on fruity snacks such as baked apples, in order to help keep their blood sugar levels under control.

You can take this fresh cinnamon and honey in a tea to help battle depression and the effects of aging. Drinking the hot beverage every day will also help to keep your skin looking youthful. Women will be glad to know that this type of hot tea also helps to keep the skin supple without causing undue irritation.

In some countries, people over the age of eighty drink this sort of tea in order to feel more energetic. Drinking it eases physical fatigue and it also improves mental alertness. However it does not only have that effect on mental alertness and memory in older persons. If you are a student who is preparing for exams, you can have this blend to ease fatigue during long nights of study as well.



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