Innocent Customers Served Human Meat at Resto

Police padlocked resto serving human meat

Menschenfresserin (Female Cannibal in Ivory), Schwäbisch Hall, c. 1650, Covered by C.C. Attribution-ShareAlike License

Given the cue that you’ve just eaten a piece of human flesh perhaps you’ll not feel something good inside your stomach, your mouth waters, and maybe you vomit. This unwholesome experience is gospel truth and may have happened anywhere in public eating places. This unusual lunch or dinner takes reality in Anambra, Nigeria as reported by Daily Mail in its online article, dated May 16, 2015.  Having observed uncommon behaviour and the presence of unlikely persons going in and out of a restaurant, residents mustered courage to report to police about the wild rumor that a hotel-restaurant was cooking and serving human flesh, among other recipes, to customers. The police lost no time in conducting a raid on the subject restaurant, found strong evidences and ordered the public eating place padlocked.

Restaurant caught with butchered humans and deadly weapons

Police found newly-cut human heads that were “still bleeding,” with fresh blood dripping onto containers of plastic bags. Besides, the forbidden human meat, the search likewise yielded cellphones, grenades and automatic guns. Ten individuals were proven to have strong and concrete participation in the crime, the police said. “Every time I went to the market, I observed strange activities going on in the hotel. People who were never cleanly dressed and who looked a bit strange made their way in and out of the hotel, making me very suspicious of their activities. I am not surprised at the shocking revelation,” disclosed one resident.

The resto victimized a priest

The same Daily Mail report goes on to say that a priest after eating at the same restaurant was aghast when charged with a bill of 700 Naira, or about $3.50. Statistics show that common Nigerians live on less than $1 a day. The male waiter noticed the priest predicament and told him that it was the small piece of meat that he had eaten that jack up the price. Unknowingly, the priest had eaten a slice of the human meat which made his meal too costly.

Other uses for human flesh

In 2014, an anti-violence campaigner and a chef from Brisbane, Australia killed and cooked his transgender-prostitute girlfriend. Mayang Prasetyo was the girlfriend, and before police could lay a hand on Marcus Peter Volke, the killer and chef, he committed suicide by slashing his throat with a sharp weapon and bled to death. Also last year, 3 accomplices, a man and two women were arrested by authorities for murdering applicants as nannies and then cooking their flesh into empanadas. This illegal baking of empanadas from human meat was conceived in Brazil.

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