Infant Constipation Relief- Fruit Juices Help Constipated Baby

How To Help A Constipated Baby

The best fruit juice combinations for baby constipation work well on babies.  Baby constipation relief becomes necessary sometimes for babies who have been newly introduced to solid foods or are constipated for other reasons.


Infant Constipation Relief- Fruit Juices Help Constipated Baby

Infant Constipation Relief- Fruit Juices Help Constipated Baby


Babies sometimes become constipated when they start having solid foods for the first time at 4 months or 6 months. In order to reduce the likelihood of this happening, make sure that you give your 6 month old baby adequate amounts of fruits and veggies in their solid food diet.

You can use tasty, organic fruit juice combinations such as Plum Organics for:

  • Infant constipation relief
  • Baby constipation
  • Constipated baby


6 Month Old Baby Constipated- Apple Baby Food


Signs of Constipation in Babies- What To Give A Constipated Baby

Is your 3 month old baby constipated? Your baby may be constipated if:

  • They have not had a bowel movement for several days
  • Their stool is hard and dry

A baby’s diet has a lot to do with the type of stool that they produce. If your baby is not getting enough fruit and vegetables in their diet, they are more likely to become constipated. Just as adults need to have a variety of foods that give them fiber, babies need enough of this type of food in their diet as well.

When you are switching your baby from milk to a diet that includes solid foods such as apples or even apple pectin powder, make sure you include lots of fiber in their diet from fruit and vegetables. Also avoid giving them too much cheese and other diary products.


Best Breakfast Meal For Constipated Baby- Prune Baby Food


Apple Juice-Best Fruit Juice Combinations for Baby Constipation

Fruit juice can help to alleviate constipation in both babies and older people. Apple juice can be given to your baby at least twice a day when they are constipated. You can also combine apple juice with prune juice for babies with constipation. Pomegranate juice is safe for babies and helps their overall health. Plum Organics is one of the most popular brands of fruit juice for constipated babies.


Baby Is Constipated? Give Prunes At 6 Months


Juice For Constipated Baby- Plum Organics Baby Just Fruit

Plum Organics Baby Just Fruit comes in several fruit packages. As the name suggests, this is organic, does not have preservatives, is non GMO and it comes in resealable pouches so you can feed your baby on the go.It is just delicious fruit and water for busy dads and moms.

“Not just for kids, we adults add a half-tube to cottage cheese or yogurt for flavor, nutrition, fiber & sweetness. (I also add a drop of pure therapeutic-grade Young Living lemon oil, & stevia to sweeten that.) Prunes have hard-to-get Vitamin K2 for increased A&D uptake & nontoxicity; & the mineral Potassium.”


Prune Juice And Other Best Fruit Juice Combinations for Baby Constipation

Prune juice is good for babies and adults with constipation. Prune juice can also be combined with grape juice for babies with constipation.

Peach, plum, spinach, apricot and prune juice can be combined to help alleviated constipation in babies. Most vegetables make good juice that can be combined with the fruits named above and given to babies who are suffering from constipation.


Baby Constipation Relief- Let’s Make Some Prune Puree, Baby!


Infant Constipation Remedies- Exercise- A Natural Remedy for Baby Constipation and Adults Too

Exercise and massage helps babies that have not yet started solid foods. Use baby massage with:

  • Constipation in infants
  • Infant constipation
  • Newborn constipation


You can help with infant constipation relief by using massage on your baby regularly. If your baby is constipated, infant constipation remedies like massage can help. Massage is safe even when a 6 week old baby is constipated.

Adults and teenagers who exercise often have more frequent bowel movements than people in their age group who lead a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, individuals who start exercising regularly often notice an improvement in the frequency of their bowel movements. The same goes for young babies too.

Ensuring that your baby has plenty of physical activity can help to stop them from being constipated. Play games with your baby that involve lots of movement. You can also give your baby regular tummy massages to help their bowels to function as they should.


Infant Constipation Remedies- Infant Massage Techniques


While these natural high fiber remedies for baby constipation work, you must avoid foods that are low in fiber while your baby is constipated. Applesauce is a popular ingredient in baby food but applesauce is high in pectin.

Pectin tends to make stool firm and this may sometimes lead to constipation in babies. Blends made from the fruits named earlier are the best fruit juice combinations for baby constipation. Use them when necessary to make your baby feel more comfortable.



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