Industry Care Codes for Upholstery Cleaning

People install upholstered furniture in their room for comfort and improve home décor. They spend most of their time sitting on sofas and furniture while eating food or watching TV. Though surface stains are visible but spotting dust and dirt that are deeply embedded into the fibres is not possible. If you can’t see any dust & dirt, does that mean your upholstery is clean? No, not necessarily. They can damage the furniture and cause allergic conditions in you and your family. Upholstery care will not only increase the longevity of the furniture’s materials but also will make it look more attractive.

Upholstery care depends on fabric material, whether it is made of cotton, microfibre, wool, chenille or synthetics. There are specific cleaning methods for different materials. If you perform upholstery cleaning yourself, here is a list of four fabric cleaning codes that you should use for addressing spots:

‘W’ Cleaning Code
Fabric with ‘W’ cleaning code, only water or water-based mild detergent/soap can be used for cleaning spots.

‘S’ Cleaning Code
Cleaning solvents are safe for cleaning fabric with ‘S’ cleaning code. Mild water-free solvent and dry cleaning method are also recommended for spot cleaning.

‘X’ Cleaning Code
Regular vacuuming is essential to remove dust, dirt and other particles from ‘X’ code fabric. No cleaning products should be used on this fabric. It’s advisable to have this fabric professionally cleaned.

‘O’ Cleaning Code
Only biodegradable detergent, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and organic dry cleaning are recommended for cleaning this fabric. Use cold water with environment-friendly detergents.

‘WS’ Cleaning Code
You may use wither water-based cleaner or cleaning solvent for cleaning fabric with ‘WS’ code. However, it is recommended to use only distilled water instead of tap water when you clean the upholstery fabric. This is because tap water might cause rings to appear on the fabric or fabric will fade eventually.

Fabric care tips
If your furniture has removable covers, then you can remove and wash them regularly. Vacuuming upholstery weekly is essential to remove loose particles. Take special care when you use commercial cleaning products. Periodic cleaning by a professional upholstery cleaning company in London is important to prevent wear and tear of upholstery and growth of microorganisms. Professional upholstery cleaners have technicians trained for all fabric types and cleaning codes. Their upholstery cleaning solutions and latest cleaning techniques will help to restore protective properties of your furniture and extend its life.

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