Incredible Adventure that is Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade Book Cover Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade
Action adventure
May 13, 2008

It maybe just as well that my wife and I appreciate and understand each other well enough to understand that fantasies are part of what makes us human, and she laughingly accepts that I can get wistful over the sight of Angelina Jolie, whatever she has on, whilst I know that, should Harrison Ford, Sean Connery or Sean Bean be on the screen before her, I do not get a look in! That is perhaps why she was agog with this terrific action movie, because only Sean Bean was missing!

This was typical of Spielberg, action all the way, with the square-jawed, heroic archaeology professor once more chasing the impossible dream, combating the evil Third Reich in the process, and trying to save his father - played wonderfully by the irrepressible Sean Connery. The fact that the beautiful German scientist had bedded both father and son made for a delicious twist, and as usual it was action all the way, as Indiana and his father set out to save the Holy Grail from falling into the wrong hands.

It really is impossible to know where to begin describing how brilliantly this movie was directed by Spielberg, who keeps it going at a blistering pace from beginning to end. The scene in the German castle was both adventure packed and comic, the airship scenes a masterpiece of entertainment, and the supposed leap of faith by Indiana one truly heart-stopping moment. The thousand year old Grail protecting knight who did not have the strength to wield his sword, the villain's demise when he drank from the wrong grail, elsa blinded by lust for power meeting her end, the list goes on.

There were some magical moments in this movie, like the miraculous effect true grail water has on the elder Jones's stomach wound, the scenes in Venice an so much more. This is a genuine tour-de-force movie by an incredible director, featuring two of the most iconic actors ever to appear in fims. Steven Spielberg truly created a masterpiece in this magical movie called Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and no matter how often I watch it, I always find something new to entertain me. It is a genuine evergreen action film that never disappoints, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

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