In due Time all the Issues Will be Rectified

Remain hopeful in troubling times. Every person in the world must go through problems. There’s no way of avoiding problems. Problems are meant “to be solved.” Don’t just think they’ll stay always. of course can’t stay because we’re not going to be here forever. If there’s numerous problems then tackle the problems one at a time. Try not to stress. Just know that eventually the issues will go away. Of course some problems take longer to solve than others. 

Some problems we’ll want to avoid but if there’s no decision to find the solutions then the problems can linger on and they’ll become greater. Mankind is equipped to deal with problems of course but there will be times when the problems create a bit of stress. That’s when there should be some time out. Allow the mind to be clear in order to get back “on track”. After awhile all matters will be rectified. Takes a lot of patience. Sometimes we’re looking for an easy fix. Not always possible. 

The world is filled with a lot of dysfunctions. A lot of people are dealing with matters in which they have no control over. Some may not know exactly how to deal with so many issues at one time. Can be quite difficult to manage. Finding positive engagements will help. Avoiding the stress is necessary in order to stay both physically and mentally healthy. Not allowing the days to be consumed with lots of stress. 

Taking a long bathe may help ease some of the tension when going through the storms. The trials are stories to tell and allows each person to give thanks. There’s a lot of people who are going through some of the toughest of times. There certainly is a lot to deal with. In time “the situations” will get better. For the ones who believe in prayer, praying is very helpful, allows spiritual closeness and generates peace. 

So many become so consumed by the stress that they’ll end up having a mental breakdown. Allowing the mind and body to “rest is important.” Although it may appear as if some problems will never be solved. Believe there is a solution. It may take time to find the most appropriate solutions of course. If one is patient enough then they’ll see which solutions are best. Never lose hope. 

So many struggle with problems because they’re trying to be some sort of superman or superwoman. We’re not superheros just human beings. Although there will be many storms. The storms shouldn’t be a reason to feel pity. When the trials come. The” breakthroughs” are near. There may be some who will be riddled with doubt, fear, and anger because of having to deal with so many matters at one time. Finding a way to channel the emotions will keep the mind healthy. 

“Allow the Peace to set in and in Time the Trials Will be Removed” BY: 

Tanikka Paulk

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