Improve Your Blog Posts or Your Blog? Guest Posts Improve Both!

This really bugs me! My blog posts are already terrific! If my blog posts are terrific, then my blog must be terrific too! Why do they need improvement?

Who am I kidding?

Every day an earnest effort is made to seek and find ways to get traffic to my already terrific blog. Since statistics show that every 2 out of 8 American people blog, that indicates two things. Number One: The competition is fierce. Number Two: They can’t all be doing it for fun. It must have income earning potential.  Nobody has that much free time on their hands.  I’m a realist.

My mission – which I have decided to accept – is to locate those who hold the keys to successful blogging and unlock my blogging box with them. What? It’s not unethical.  I’m not stealing the keys. Just borrowing them. 🙂

Anyway on my missionary journey I discovered a YATTL. Yet Another Top 10 List on increasing traffic to your blogs. We’ve all read a bazillion of those tips. But never say never. Did an examination of this YATTL to see if the ten listed procedures were already being fully implemented at my blogs.  The results are my evaluation are as follows:

  • Technically Tip One is being done. Sort of. The first tip is about creating a niche. My brain is sometimes scattered. OK. Most of the time my brain is scattered. But I prefer to use the term “freestyle”.  My niche is writing whatever people will read, and people read about all kinds of stuff.
  • Tip Number Seven: Create a forum. Personally, in my humble opinion, omitting this step will not make or break a blog. Also … quite frankly, I don’t know how to do it.
  • The only advice that isn’t being followed is Tip Nine: Guest Blogging. I don’t do guest blogging at other blogs.

Which answers my question to myself: 

Do I improve my blog posts or my blog? 

I choose to improve BOTH!  How?

Guest posts.

I believe that allowing guest bloggers to post at my various blogs is an effective and viable means of improving my blog posts and my blog.

Accepting guest bloggers gives your blog posts “added voices and variety”.

Also, when a guest blogger contacts you about submitting one of their posts, it means somebody sees your blog and they like it! Why else would they want to submit a guest post?

Yes. Perhaps they read the same tip list that I read and they are following through on Tip Nine. But there are countless blogs out there in the blogosphere. However, they picked your blog and contacted you.

  • Example: The most recent guest blog post at Food Ways, my foodie blog, was submitted by Melissa Marzett, an essayist who writes on a variety of topics. The blog post is titled Five Exotic Spices. Of course, all herbs and spices are exotic. But these particular cooking ingredients are not ones found in everyday kitchens. At least, not in the everyday kitchens in American homes.

It is such an honor when a guest blogger takes notice of your blog and asked to submit a post. My blog? Really? Of course, my enthusiasm is masked with a cool, calm, reserved professional and courteous response to the writer’s eMail.

  • Which blog?  What’s your post about?  How fast can you deliver? 

But my inner blogger is going:   You want to trust me with your business reputation and present your content at my blog? YES!  YES !YES!! Huge thanks in rainbow colors!!
One final word on accepting guest posts. There were rumors being circulated that Guest Posting was dead. Don’t believe them! Experts are still talking about encouraging guest blogging. They publish definitive guides on “how to” and lists of sites that are accepting guest posts. There are two doors. Be a guest blogger or accept guest blog posts at your blog. For my immediate home business purposes, I chose Door Number Two. For my future work-at-home goals, I am giving Door Number One serious consideration.

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