Important Things You Should Know Before Getting a Mining Job

Job-hunting is always something challenging especially for new graduates who have no experience employers can grade them against. However, one of the first things you need to know to make a good impression on your potential employers is to make sure you come to your interviews well-informed because this doesn’t only make you appear smart it also makes you appear truly interested in the job.

Joining the mining community is something that can be difficult because you will need to have experience or at the very least, training in mining. Substantial technological knowledge is also important but not necessarily required because you can always get a job in the mining company office as a secretary, IT programmer or financial clerk if you don’t have the qualifications for an engineering or technical job position. What’s more the pay is still good even if you’re not working on-site.

As such, the next thing you need to know is that having the right attitude also helps in getting you that mining job. Working in the mining industry means you get exposed to extreme climate conditions whether you work in surface mining or underground mining. Working underground will mean that you get exposed to heat, noise, humidity and darkness or that you will need to get used to working on your knees in cramped spaces.

Then there’s also the living conditions to consider. There is an ongoing challenge about housing shortages in mining areas that the government is trying to resolve but in the meantime, you may be forced to share a bed with two other people, experience interminable boredom on your days off. Let’s just say that living on a mining site is anything but fun and definitely not comfortable. But if you’re into adventure and up for learning anything new, then this is the perfect environment for you.

You should also know that mining doesn’t do 8-hour shifts. Work is organized into 12-hour shifts, with the work going on for as long as 10-14 consecutive days with days off ranging from 6 days to a week at the most. A 12-hour shift can be hard to withstand if you’re working underground, so in addition to making sure you are the peak of your health, you will also need to learn to be patient.

The working conditions themselves can be unusual and sometimes dangerous. They are almost guaranteed to compromise your health in some way, especially your lungs which is why miners are prone to black lung disease and pneumoconiosis because of all the coal or rock dust. This is why they are often given the option to have chest x-rays just to make sure they haven’t developed anything that could affect their work.

In addition, miners are also exposed to safety risks which is why to prevent any serious accidents from happening, alcohol is strictly prohibited even during their day offs. Miners are also subject to random drug testing as well as being made to take compulsory training on health and safety. Those who work in the drill and blast areas are required to have a blasting license as there are incidences of miners being stuck underground due to blasting procedures gone wrong.

And lastly, you should really be passionate about getting into the mining industry as this is one job that cannot be done halfheartedly. You should be able to do your job to the best of your ability and be ready to adapt to any changes and conditions so you can last for a long, long time.

I love writing and the opportunity it gives to inform people. I’ve always loved writing but it wasn’t until two years ago that I really got to do what I loved for a living.

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