Importance of Dating Your Spouse

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All marriages typically go through periods of ups and downs throughout the course of the relationship. This is not uncommon as two people living together and sharing so closely with one another are bound to experience some bumps in the road.

One of the bumps married couples often encounter if they reach the point where the romance begins to fall on the backburner. This sometimes occurs as the couple begins to get caught up in the responsibilities and pressures of everyday life. This is especially true for couples who have children and often find themselves hard pressed for “adult” time either due to juggling the kids’ activities or just being too tired.

A way to help keep the romance alive and the relationship fresh is to make a commitment to regularly dating one another. The importance of dating your spouse cannot be understated.  Here’s why it should be a priority:

Steady Communication

Dating your spouse ensures steady communication. Much like getting to know someone prior to marriage, a regular date with a partner helps keep the two of you talking. Being communication is one of the primary foundational blocks to a strong relationship, a routine date helps ensure dialogue is ongoing with one another that is in an environment which does not center around who is taking junior to soccer practice, picking up the dog’s meds, or whose turn it is to call the oil company to schedule a delivery or have the A/C unit serviced.

Maintain Closeness and Intimacy

Do you remember the time when you and your spouse were dating? Perhaps one of the vivid recollections are of excitement, anticipation, and butterflies? Regrettably, these  experiences often become a casualty once the pressures of daily life kicks in and dominates time.

Dating encourages ongoing closeness and levels of intimacy to help those butterflies flourish. Even if for a only a brief time, a couple who takes the time to temporarily flee the day by day chaos can increase their ability to reconnect and keep the loving closeness and intimacy upfront and center in their marriages.

Pleasant Conversation

Another good reason to date is to simply enjoy pleasant conversation that is not child or job centric. For instance, a couple can spend their date telling one another new things the other perhaps did not know. This could be retelling a cherished memory from grammar school or describing a favorite childhood book or movie.

Learning new things about one another help keep the relationship fresh and full of surprises. Obviously, as the years go by pulling memories out of the memory bank that are new may become more difficult, but usually something can be found. And if the time eventually comes where nothing is left, reminiscing about shared or individual experiences is a nice way to connect.

Importance of Dating Your Spouse

While there will undoubtedly be some obstacles that tend to overshadow or get in the way of having a date night, it is essential to remember the purpose of setting this time aside and how important a marriage is. Far too many couples put their relationship on the backburner and end up with significant marital problems when a marriage is not considered a priority in everyday life. Even those couples with children can, with perhaps a bit of creativity, find time to date one another even without leaving the house.

Regardless of the day to day responsibilities, it is important for couples to take a break and spend some time just focusing on each other. Consider creating a date night to be a part of a regular routine, just like any other appointment or activity would be scheduled. Once a date time is set, honor the pledge. Many couples find doing this helps keep the commitment to date strong and their marriage even stronger.

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