If There was no Proof Then There Would be Even Bigger Problems

Imagine if persons didn’t have proof of their “identity” or proof they’re the producer of online or offline work. There would be a lot of grief and some may wonder why would so many go through so much trouble to try and work up a person? Well there’s so many reasons. Envy is one and some may become dismayed when they find out there’s a lot of proof. In all sorts of locations. The only logical explanation is the individuals are haters. 

Only haters will go through extreme measures to try and alter proof, try and discredit others, and to try and hinder others. Some of the most ridiculous occurrences will occur. Back to the proof. Technological proof, proof in” handwritten records”, proof in offline areas. Some aren’t focusing on the right things. Just create more hassle for themselves. Proof is what is used in the court of law. The proof will discovery whether a person is credible or not. No matter how many try to alter the proof there will be some proof discovered somewhere. 

Why would some want to alter proof? If they’re involved in criminal activity then they’ll want to remove proof. Some may not understand the extent of their actions. May think they’re playing games with others by moving and deleting proof but their actions could lead to a very destructive path. For instance if prosecutors were to get involved in the matters then there would be a lot of people up for some time. Cyber related crimes are on a rise and individuals who are tech savvy will use technology to try and control others.

Mainly individuals who are computer geeks. Using their knowledge to try and control a situation or persons. There will be a lot of mishaps online anyway because of the freedom but once the law gets a handle on the behaviors then the individuals won’t do so much. No person will waste their time and effort on individuals who aren’t in a position to be stronger and “prosperous.” 

The competition will have individuals taking risks and the ones with a lot of wealth will think they’re invincible. “The proof is what is used by a State Attorney” and depending on the crimes committed a whole line of prosecutors may want to seek justice and then there would be a lot of people in legal trouble. The main goal is to stop and annoy the competition. 

Technology is so advanced and there’s a lot that can be done with the use of technology but some will take advantage and won’t use “the technology” in the correct manner. If law enforcement doesn’t intervene in matters which include a lot of crimes then we’re really in trouble. Like a statement a gentleman made on television he said, “The United States is in Trouble.” If a lot of people gang up on a person or persons and try to ruin the persons by supplying false information and trying to set up the individuals then we’re in a state for sure. 

The proof will be needed for lawyers and for the judge. “The proof” is what prosecutors look at and also the defense attorney’s. When others are indulging in their acts there’s always some legal professionals monitoring and when the time comes they’ll have to supply their information because they’re sworn in and because they’ll be in a court of law. 

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