If Hate Arrives Then Call Love

Love always conquers no matter how much hate surrounds an environment. Love will push out hate every time. “No amount of hate is too much for love to conquer”. Sometimes people will become upset because of the love others have for one another. The reason why is because they’re not feeling the love. Some people are too afraid to love, behave as if they’re so hard, but just putting up walls because of hurt and anger. Love runs deep. Hate will never solve a problem but love solves more than anyone can imagine. 

There’s no need to ever think we’re not loved. We may think not loved from a person but God and His Son will love unconditionally. Our Heavenly Father won’t forsake no matter what we’ve done or will do. If we’re in environments where there seems to be no love or little love then we should dish out some light. “Light will overpower the darkness.” Of course we’ll have to deal with the evil but allow some good in and watch how calm an environment will become. They’re not sure what to do with the light and the love. 

Hate is a waste of time. We’ll become angry but anger doesn’t mean there’s hating going on. We’re equipped to figure out if there’s hate in a place or not. What can we do with hate? Supply more love. That’s what we’ll have to do. “Even the toughest person needs love.” There’s no denying it. No matter how much some deny love. We’re not able to live without the love. Some fight with love and end up losing love. Praying for the love to return. 

The days run better when we know we’re loved and are able to demonstrate love. “We’re able to get through hardships when we’re loved in someway.” Even just a little will keep a person going. Able to accomplish more when we’re allowing some love in. Some hate on others because of their own insecurities they’re unable to deal with. No need to take on anyone’s insecurities. Just keep practicing love and eventually there will be a turn around. 

It’s pretty difficult to have to deal with individuals who are so hateful but when they’re constantly observing others “loving unconditionally” then they’ll make some turnarounds. Soon enough we’ll find dealing with such individuals will become easier. Sometimes just ignoring their misguided ways will do. No need to respond to every antic they’re dishing out. Life shouldn’t be wasted on trying to convince others we deserve to be loved. Even if we’re loved by one. They’re could be so filling. We won’t care if anyone else loves who we are not. 

“Love Unconditionally and see the Surroundings Change.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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