Ideas for Unique Salads

When you have salads for dinner, do you always put the same ingredients in the salad every time?

Here are some ways to make unique salads:

One way to change your salad is if you are going to grill steaks this weekend, grill one or two extra. You can then cut it into chunks or slices. Put in the next salad you make; this also applies to chicken and fish. When you make your family the salad with the steak, chicken or fish, it does not mean you need you to put the whole piece of meat or fish in each bowl. The meat is an enhancement meant to make the salad more filling. Think about it, if you put a whole steak in each person’s salad then why try to eat healthily?  You can even save a piece of bacon if you had it for breakfast and used it on a salad. This is better  instead of those brown bacon pieces that are hard and come into a bottle.

If you make pork roast with vegetables on the side, it doesn’t matter what kind of vegetables you cook. Cook these frozen vegetables in the microwave.  Purchase an extra bag or two and store in the freezer. The next time you want a salad put the frozen vegetables in the microwave, cook them and add as an extra to your salad.

If you are making a recipe with dry beans, then cook extra beans, more than the recipe needs and cook them. Put them in refrigerator and later in the week have them in your salad.

Here are some ideas to put together for salads:

Always have a can or one of those bags of tuna that is so much easier to use.  Keeping tuna on hand will give you protein you can add to your salad. Want some suggestions of what added to the salad?  Tuna tastes better with butter lettuce or add new potatoes that are  boiled. Then add tomatoes and sliced almonds.

Another idea is when you have roasted vegetables left over these should be saved for salads. Good vegetables to try are zucchini and carrots; using zucchini is good for summer because everybody gets zucchini from somebody they know.

Roast vegetables and add to salad in the room temperature or warm roasted vegetables, with pistachios, feta cheese, baby greens and zucchini.

If you and your family get an adventurous feeling, it’s time to try a new green. A good green that is milder and more tender  than regular kale is baby kale.  Don’t worry you’ll still get your vitamin A, K, and C. This is where you can add the extra cooked steak you cooked or grilled. Then you add pumpkin seeds and sliced carrots.

Are you a vegetarian and love all kinds of beans and vegetables? Keep an assortment of all your favorite beans in the pantry and bring them out when you are ready for a salad. It’s easy to open a can of beans with a can opener. It gives you salad a different texture  that is not crisp like the greens. Then you get fiber and protein that you will feel fuller faster and will not need a midnight snack. One variety of beans are chickpeas. These go great with  olives, tomatoes croutons and arugula.

Want to have a more filling main dish? Use a poached egg on top. Use favorite mixed greens, steamed asparagus, crumbles from a slice of bacon, and poached egg over top of salad.

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