Ideas for Pranking Your Kids

With Spring Break starting and April Fools right around the corner. What better way to have fun with your kids than to prank them. My daughter, who is 4, loves pranks. 

Note: You always want to do pranks that are age appropriate and nothing that would really upset your child/children.

Prank One:

Colorful Bath/Shower 

What you need to do is loosen the shower head and/or faucet and place two Crayola Color Dotz Bath Tub Tints into the open shower head and/ or faucet. Close them and wait until you hear the shower or bath going. Stand next to the door and just wait for your child to scream for you and get out. You might want to take a picture of them. 

Prank Two:

Hamburger Fun 

Either make or buy  hamburgers. What you will do is in between the bun  place a  plastic patty in the middle and make the hamburger just like you kids like it. You’ll want to start eating your before, you kid(s) take a bite and just talk about how great it is. Try not to smile or laugh as they take a bite of theirs. Once they take a bite act like nothing is wrong and keep eating. See how long it is before they disassemble their burger. 


Prank Three: 

Always Wanted a Pet Dog? 

Wait until your kids are gone,  get a toy dog, get a small thing of dog food and a dog bowl. Set Food bowl  by the door that your child will come in and wait. You’ll want to make sure you get a toy dog that barks or use a recording . Once your child/children come home you activate the dog letting it bark then, hide it in their room. Your child will run to where the noise came from. When they ask you say you got a surprise for them. Once they see it they sure will be surprised.

Prank Four:

Stinky Door!

Get up before you kids and put honey all over the bottom of a door handle they are going to have to use. Ie: bathroom door, kitchen, something they will use as soon as they wake up. You can also do this when you are expecting your kids to come home from school. 

Prank FIve: 

Get two or three alarm clocks and set them to go off at different times during the night. Hide them throughout the kids room nothing to hard or easy to find. You don’t want to awoken in the middle of the night. 


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