Human and Sex Trafficking Facts – What the World Needs to Know

Human trafficking, otherwise known as modern slavery, is the “act of recruiting, harboring, transporting, providing or obtaining a person for compelled labor or commercial sex acts through the use of force, fraud or coercion,” according to the U.S. Department of State. It is a prevalent crime that is perpetuated in a global scale. It has raised concern not only in government but also in communities.


Cause oriented groups are actively participating in finding ways on how to stop trafficking. Many people who are advocates of human rights and humanitarian causes are relentless in giving their support in the campaign to put this inhuman trade to an end.


Despite the prevalence of this crime, there is no known effort to make the public aware of its alarming state. Even the media is not quite keen on making it an issue. Here are some some facts about human and sex trafficking everyone is supposed to know:


1. Human trafficking has an estimated 21 million victims worldwide.


Of this alarming number, 68% or 14,280,000 are in forced labor, 22% or 4,620,000 are subjected to forced prostitution and the remaining 10% or 2,100,000 are in state-imposed forced labor or forcibly recruited by rebel armed groups.


These numbers are conservative estimates. They could even go higher for the simple reason that the number of people directly affected by modern slavery is difficult to track.


2. Forced labor is a lucrative business. It is estimated to generate a staggering $150.2 billion in annual profits globally.


According to the U.S. Department of State, two-thirds or about 65% of these profits are generated through prostitution. The remaining 35% or about one-third is generated by syndicates that operate on forced labor exploitation. The huge profit garnered by this illegal industry makes it even more powerful and dangerous.


3. All forms of trafficking mostly target women and girls.


This can be clearly demonstrated by the situation in India, where an estimated 14 million women and girls are living in modern day slavery


At 55%, women and girls comprise the majority of human trafficking victims. Of this number, about 98% are forced to engage in prostitution.


4. Human trafficking is one of the top three criminal enterprises in the world. It is next only to drug trafficking and arms dealing business.


5. The United States ranks third in the top drop points for trafficked victims. Its top destination states include New York, California, Nevada and Texas.


6. According to estimates, about 80% of trafficked victims are forced into prostitution or sexual slavery, and the average age of victims is 12 – 14 years old.


Human trafficking is a crime. It is a violation of basic human rights. While the government is aware of its prevalence, it has even worsened to uncontrollable proportions. With its size and clout, the government might not be able to fight it alone. It is for this reason that thousands of individuals and human rights organizations are taking effective measures to combat this heinous injustice against humanity.


As concerned citizens, we should take action by taking sides. You must refuse to be neutral because it only helps the oppressor. Educate yourself and others about human and sex trafficking issues. Donate to organizations that advocate the cause of human and sex trafficking victims like the one meant to stop human trafficking Colorado residents organized. Freedom is very precious. You should stand and fight for it.


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