How to Succeed at Water Skiing in 30 Minutes

Water skiing is one of the most delightful sporting activities imaginable. There is nothing more pleasurable than zipping along the water on a glorious summer’s day. It is fun to watch people water skiing, but it is even more fun to do it yourself. Sometimes, people look at water skiers and think it looks much too difficult to even attempt. That is a real shame. Anyone can water ski, and they can start doing it the first time they try. Here is a guide to get anyone water skiing in a short time.



1. Use the Right Skis

This is probably the most important part of being able to start water skiing right away. If you want to succeed quickly, then you need to start out by water skiing on a pair of beginner’s skis. Beginner’s skis will be very wide, which will allow you to more easily balance on them.

2. Practice on Dry Land

One of the best ways to help yourself succeed is by practicing your technique on dry land. You need to lean back on your heels and then slowly straighten up. You can even have the boat pull you on land a few feet if you really want to get some good practice in before you hit the water.

3. Establish Your Signals

Before you start skiing, you should establish some hand signals to use with the boat. There should be a signal for stop, one for slow down, one for go and one for go faster. Usually pointing up is used for go faster, pointing down is for go slower, thumbs up is for go and a fist is for stop. You can use any signals you wish, but just make sure that you and those on the boat are clear on the signals you will be using.

4. Putting the Skis On

To avoid looking like a goof once you are in the water, you should dip the water skis into the water before you put them on. This will make it a lot easier for you to get them on. It will also help you to avoid looking like a clown by trying to put your feet into the skis on the surface of the water.

5. Start Skiing

Once you are in the water, you start by getting in the ready position. You will be leaning back with your knees bent to your chest and the skis shoulder-width apart. Once you give the go signal, the key is to keep the skis straight. This is the thing that beginners struggle with the most. Do not stand up until you have the skis straight and hydroplaning along the surface of the water. Even once you are up, you should keep your knees bent to help your balance.

Have Fun and Stay Calm

They key to succeeding at water skiing is to stay calm. You will fall repeatedly when you first start, but that is okay. You will be safe as long as you let go of the rope when you fall and you have a life jacket on. Have fun and enjoy the thrills that this brilliant sport provides.

Michelle Green is a writer for She loves outdoor activities and spending time with her two boys. 

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