How to store digital photos ?

Digital camera Sony DSC-H2.

Digital camera Sony DSC-H2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the arrival of digital cameras, every one is a photographer! The ease of taking pictures, transferring it to a pen drive, PC or uploading to a web are simple. 

I will give a small flash back from my experience during film camera times.

I wanted to get all the photos perfectly exposed. But during the age of film cameras, even if my exposures were perfect, the studio person who was developing and printing was some times doing some errors.  As a result, I was getting disappointed.

My next venture was to plan for my own developing dark room. Yes, I finally did it! But I had to buy chemicals in bulk for economy. Those chemicals used to get converted into wasteful solutions within a month. I was losing too much and also, I was unable to sit in the dark room for hours with dirty smell of the chemicals.

Now, no such difficulties. But during film era, final storage was ‘negatives’. But now it is digital storage. Now I will consider the pros and cons of some methods.

1] Storing in the form of CD or DVD.

The image shows a comparison in size of a Dixo...

The image shows a comparison in size of a Dixon Ticonderoga pencil and the size of a Sony DVD+RW. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In this method, we have 


  • very compact
  • almost permanent, no virus threat.
  • we can view it any number of times


  • It is scratch sensitive
  • we have to search a particular CD to view a particular event
  • A player is required
  • Burning a DVD is slow and cumbersome process.
  • since photos cannot be edited  after burning, we have to edit them before burning DVD- this is a biggest disadvantage, as it takes a very long time to edit hundreds of photos.
  • Too many DVDs are required with photos taken by higher mega pixel photos.

2] Storing in  computer hard drive:    


  • Very easy to store, easy to transfer .
  • we can edit photos at any later time.


  • Many photos having high mega pixel occupies more space like 100GB, this will slow down the system.
  • If there is a virus problem, it may damage or destroy photos. 

3] storing in the hard drive:   

English: Image of an ASUS CD-Rom Drive CD-S520/A4

English: Image of an ASUS CD-Rom Drive CD-S520/A4 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Can hold large amount of photos, as we can buy about One Terra bite hard drive for an affordable price.
  • easily we can transfer photos
  •  we can easily categorize and view at any time.
  • once we store the photos by removing virus, is is not a problem.


  •  Even this is limited, as we will also take small videos in cameras.
  • we cannot carry it to every place easily

4] Cloud storage:


  • there is no limit
  • It is the cheapest method of storage
  • we can view it at any place where the net is available.


  • It is a difficult process to upload all the photos.
  • It takes too much of time and internet  uploading cost.
  • We have to spend for down load, each time  we want to view.

Now it is up to you to select any one of the above methods.

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