How to Stop Credit Card Junk Mail

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Credit card junk mail is probably one of the biggest annoyances which arrive in the mailbox. Especially when it comes unsolicited from creditors where there is no relationship and one is not desired.  

As the world goes digital, credit card companies still spend a lot of time soliciting through the good old-fashioned postal mail. They pre-approve, send low introductory rate offers, or provide other offers designed to entice you to apply. 

While spam is annoying in the e-box, at least those solicitations can be easily deleted, but this is not the case with credit card junk mail which needs to be destroyed since it contains personal information, and/or enough details where a thief can apply for a card in your name if they get their hands on the undesired mail.

Even current customers are not immune to credit card junk mail because these banks frequently send bank checks with high interest rates or offer other additional services hoping their customers will use. Credit card companies seem to be under the illusion that customers want to be bombarded with their creatively and carefully worded junk mail. For many, this is not the case, and the best way to combat credit card junk mail is to stop it. Especially with the risk of ID theft being so high these days.

Opt-Out with Credit Bureaus

Creditors love to pre-screen potential applicants by doing credit checks and selecting individuals to solicit to and they are allowed to under the U.S. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). One of the easiest ways to shut this down is to opt out from receiving junk mail as the law permits consumers to do this and businesses are to comply. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse provides information on how to do this either by mail or by telephone.

Opt-Out With Banks

One of the most common reasons why individuals receive junk credit card mail is it comes from companies and banks people already do business with. If you carefully read the privacy policies of merchants and banks you have accounts with, you’ll see frequently they automatically put your name on the opt-in list to receive special offers and promotions. To avoid this, make it a habit to always read privacy policies carefully and make to check the “opt out” box and do not accept the default option. This will scale back on some of the mail.

Contact the Source

As privacy continues to become a serious issue, companies are expected to comply with consumer requests to “take me off the list”. If you contact specific companies that are sending high amounts of junk mail, contacting them could quickly put an end to their marketing initiatives to your mailbox.

The monstrous piles of credit card junk mail are annoying, but the good news is you do have some options in order to put a stop to all of the credit card offers arriving in your mailbox. The drawback is it does take a bit of an investment of time to make sure the solicitations stop.

And, always remember to shred any mail you do get that contains personal information (wanted or not) when you are finished with it. Never toss this information in the trash as it can lead to identity and/or financial theft. Dumpster diving is still a popular activity ID thieves engage in.

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