Craziness on the Job? How to Stay Sane at Work

Craziness on the Job? How to Stay Sane at Work

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Keeping your sanity at work is sometimes a challenge. This can be especially true if you work in a fast-paced and stressful environment full of high pressure requests and deadlines. People who find themselves anxiety-ridden at work may end up having problems in both the workplace and at home due to excessive amounts of tension on the job. In some cases this is only seasonal, but in others it may have become an organizational culture, making it an ongoing problem. 

When tension arises in the workplace, being proactive rather than reactive typically yields better results. When you look at a problem and carefully examine your options, in the long run this this can help reduce your stress. If you react quickly without considering consequences you may not exactly get the results you had hoped to achieve.

If you find yourself in need of maintaining your sanity during your workday, a good way to accomplish this is to look for ways you can reduce or eliminate stress so you don’t become ill or totally frustrated with your job. In today’s economy simply quitting and going off to find a new job isn’t a luxury most people have, so chances are you need to be careful in how you react to job issues.

While you may not be able to effectively rid of all the forces that are driving you nuts on the job, you do have control over yourself and your own personal space. Here are a few tips to help you stay sane at work:

Take Designated Breaks

Breaks are important to take advantage of because it gives you a few moments to have a reprieve. While you may feel pressured to work non-stop throughout the course of your day, this can actually work against you. By falling into the mindset of putting more time in yields more productivity, you can easily fall into the pitfall of being counterproductive because you get exhausted.

The mind and body both need time to rest and take a break to recharge and rejuvenate. This is beneficial even if only for a few minutes to get a change of scenery or to break the monotony. Taking a break can also have a positive impact on keeping frustration levels down. After your lunch hour or quick coffee break you can reenter the workday with a fresh perspective.

Leave Work at the Door

When you take your work problems and stress home with you, you don’t give yourself a rest from the problems and stress happening at work. Try your best to leave these problems with your time card as you clock out. Spend your leisure time doing things you enjoy and spending with family and friends. 

Avoid Gossip

Getting caught up in work gossip can quickly lead to insanity. Whether or not the gossip is true is irrelevant because either way it still inserts levels of negativity into the workplace which can open a new can of worms to deal with in terms of stress. Even if the gossip is true, by staying out of it, this doesn’t mean you don’t need to be concerned with problematic issues plaguing your workplace; all it means is that you’ll do yourself a large favor by not getting in the middle of it.

Once you fall in the middle of gossip, this can either backfire on you or reflect upon you negatively or it will simply stress you out even more. Avoid gossip as much as you can and this will help keep your sanity intact.

Brighten your Environment

If you have the ability to decorate and personalize your work space, by all means do it! When you surround yourself with familiar possessions, colors draped in serenity and even some soothing art pieces or photos this is a gentle reminder of the calm and happiness in your life. By surrounding yourself with positive items this can help keep you sane because it serves as a reminder of the good things in life.

Be Organized

Organization is another key to keeping yourself sane. This doesn’t mean you need to order your paper clips according to size or alphabetize your files, because even “organized mess” can be effective. The purpose is to find an organization system that works for you, it doesn’t matter how that system is constructed. The benefits of being organized are tremendous because when those high pressure moments hit you’ll know exactly where to find what you need when you need it.

Practice Good Time Management

Time management is a purposeful skill that is necessary. A person who can balance their time effectively and use it to the maximum is a person who is able to keep a grip on sanity.

Unfortunately, in the workplace there are a lot of things you cannot control. However, if you can successfully find and integrate ways to take charge of the things you do have the ability to control, this is a great way to decrease stress and create a better environment when seeking how to stay sane at work – even in the craziest of moments. 

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