How To Score a Bowling Game

Anyone who has ever bowled knows how complicated it can get to score bowling. You need to know how many points you get for a strike and a spare and when to add the first ball or both balls to the previous box. Sound complicated? It isn’t really if you know how to do it.

 Going bowling

 It isn’t enough that you have to wear bowling shoes and find a bowling ball that fits your fingers, now you have figure out how to keep score. At some new bowling alleys, they have machines that figure the score automatically. If you are at an older facility where you need to keep score by hand, don’t worry it isn’t as complicated as it looks.

 Understanding the scoring sheet

 The score sheet has eleven blocks across. Ten of these are frames that you are going to bowl. The eleventh is the place where you will put the total. In the upper right-hand corner of each of the ten boxes, there is a small box. This is where you are going to put the number of pins you knocked down with your balls, well at least most of the time.

 Put your names on the sheet

 The very first thing you do is to put your names on the sheet. List all the people who will be bowling. List everyone in the order that they will be bowling and try to remember to stick to the order that is on the sheet.

A strike

You are now going to throw your first ball. If all ten pins fall down this is called a strike. You are going to mark an x in the small box and then sit down. Do not put anything into the large box, you will get to add the total of your next two balls to the ten you received for the strike.

A spare

If you didn’t knock down all the pins, you have a second chance. First though place the number of pins that you knocked down to the left of the small box. Now throw your second ball, if you knock down all the pins place a diagonal line across the second small box, this is a spare. You will get to add the pins from one more ball to the 10 pins you already have earned. If you knocked down less than ten put the number of the second ball in the little box and the total of both balls in the big box.amazonvcbeqtzub

Second frame

Throw your first ball, if you knock down all the pins put an x in the little box and sit down. You will get to add one more ball to your first frame score. If you had a strike but don’t get a strike in frame 2 then the total number you get with both balls from frame 2 are added to the ten from frame one and that is placed in the large first box. If you didn’t knock down all the pins then add the number of pins to the total from frame one and place it in box 2.

Always make down the first balls total if it is less than ten, outside the little box and the second ball in the little box. If you had a spare in frame one then throw one ball and add that total to the ten from frame one and place that number in large box 1. Add the total pins from box two to that only if it is less than ten. If you get another spare then the same rules apply as for box 1.

Continue the game

Keep bowling through to frame ten where you have the potential to throw three balls if all of them are strikes. You now place your total score in the total column and the game is over when the last bowler finishes.

Even if you use automatic scoring machines it is important to know how to score a bowling game.

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