How to Reach People With Your Poetry

Nowadays, for many, poetry is just something they have to suffer through in High School and University. They no longer see the beauty in these words and see it simply as another piece of homework. Poetry is certainly a lost art, despite being quite popular in the past. We’ve all heard of the famous poets like Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost – the question remains, however, how did they get people to enjoy and relate to their poetry? 

I would say the answer is: write about things that many people can relate to. 

Personally, I love writing about either completely solemn or completely happy topics. There’s simply no in between for me.  It’s a great way to get your emotions out there, and many people can relate through the trials AND the tribulations that you go through. 

For example, I recently published a poem on Facebook relating to the pressures of choosing courses that may possibly decide your future, and it had received almost one and a half times the likes my poems usually do (which is around 15) 

Here it is for reference: please do not take my work without permission. 



Trapped under pillars of despair

jailed in my own depressing thoughts

 stuck with the saying “Life’s not fair”

 blinded with the lessons I’ve been taught 


What is this “school” to me?

 glued in drama and unrealistic goals? 

can I escape this world and be free,

 or will I always be the first to fold? 


Concentrate, study and you’ll be fine they say

 get good grades and you shall see the light!

slaving over textbooks and papers day by day

 getting 100 on every test, but am I ever right? 



Foundation of success is built on these grades

 to pick yourself back up everytime you fall

but what happens when these memories fade

 and exciting memories cannot be recalled?


As one can see, the poem is quite solemn. This reflected a time when I was completely stressed out and worried about what would happen in the future. I find poetry itself to be a fantastic escape, and although many people do not like poetry, sometimes they read them just to know that others are going through the same struggles they are. 

Poetry is really art with words, although some may disagree. To me, it’s a lifestyle, and it always will be a huge part of my life. 

On a side note, your poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, although if there is some sort of meter to it, or some sort of rhyme, it tends to be more well received because it almost sounds like a song. Don’t be afraid to use a rhyming site to help you if you want it to rhyme! 

Most of all, have fun with your own poetry! If you don’t like your own poetry, how can you expect others to like it? Just try your best, and channel lots and lots of emotion into it. I guarantee you’ll be just fine. 


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