How to Quickly Detox Your Body and Get Healthy Fast

Detoxification is a process of removing toxins from the body. The kidneys and the colon are the main organs involved in this process. It is performed in different ways, depending on the person’s preference and needs, which may include colonics, intravenous injections, safe mercury removal, oral chelating agents, herbal mixtures and other nutritional supplements. Detoxification is the fastest and the best way to keep the body healthy despite the toxic and polluted environment surrounding it. 

Reasons to Detox

Individuals who experience the following symptoms need to go through detoxification:

– Exposure to pesticides, certain drugs or cleansing solvents
– Brittle hair and nails
– Failing memory
– Unexplained back pain or headaches

Types of Detox Programs

There are two types of detoxification programs, short-term detox and long-term detox. Both types are aimed to remove the toxic substances out of the body. 

• Short-term Detox

The short term detox include intravenous injections, safe mercury removal, skin cleansing, colonics (colon cleansing), heavy metal removal, chelation therapy, and 24-hour juice fasting.

• Long-term Detox

The long term detox include but not limited to taking vitamins and supplements, drinking plenty of fluids such as water and fruit juices, eating more fruits and vegetables and avoiding meats, sweets and high carbohydrate foods. It may also entail regular exercise regimen, meditation, herbal soaks, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and homeopathy.

Quick and Safe Ways to Detoxify Your Body 

Detoxification can be done at home quickly and safely using the juice fast method. This process helps increase the body’s energy levels. After the detoxification process, the body enjoys a sense of rejuvenation and relaxation. The pains and aches will decrease or completely gone. It is recommended to perform detoxification once every 3 or 6 months to keep the body healthy and in its best shape.

• Decrease or eliminate the toxins

For a full body detox, decrease or eliminate the toxins that are put into the body. Before starting the juice fast, eliminate fats, refined sugars, alcohol, cigarettes and coffee for a full week.

• Reduce the use of certain products that contain toxic substances

Limit the use of products that contains toxic substances. These products may include deodorant, body cleansers, shampoo, and toothpaste. Do this for a week before starting the juice fast.

• 3 -7 days Detoxification

Detoxify using the juice fast for 3 – 7 days. Any vegetables or fruits can be used for this process. Blend the vegetables and fruits separately or together and drink the blended juice as a replacement for the meals. Discontinue the juice fast after seven days to avoid getting the body malnourished. 

• Orange and Broccoli Juices

For a tired and achy feeling, drink orange and broccoli juices. Broccoli is rich in iron while oranges are rich in Vitamin C. It is also great to add berries to the juice as they contain antioxidants.


After the detoxification process, keep the body in a clean state by eating plenty of fiber foods, taking herbal supplements and vitamins, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly. A clean body system will not keep the body healthy but will also keep it energized and fresh looking.

Hailey is a columnist for hidehow. She loves writing about health and fitness, and is a hobby cyclist. 

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