How to Prepare Yourself for a Gratifying Career in Private Equity

Let’s suppose you’re an associate at a buyout firm, and you’re looking forward to moving up the career graph. But how to do it? How do you became that confident and strong persona to the top private equity firms that they make you their partner one day? A job at a private equity firm is, one of the most elusive jobs for many candidates around the world. But what does it take to have a gratifying career in private equity? Let’s delve into some of the skills which are important to have a successful role in private equity.

  • Private equity funds invest in several sectors and that’s why a vast knowledge across sectors is required. Most of the top private equity firms are connected to several industries like retail, energy, healthcare, media, information technology, telecom, and consumer durables. As a matter of fact, some of the funds are location specific such as Asian region focused. This is why a thorough understanding of different business models, industry key indicators, parameters, strategic positioning, and the other scenarios which are important for business deals.
  • Having a good research ability is required to pick up the better investment prospect which involves an overall analysis of the strategy of the fund and the returns. The excellent research skillset can help to identify the important elements to make the best decision along with showcasing the results.
  • An integral part of the job is to have good modeling and data analytic skill set. Other than that, you must be able to perform a lot of forecasting work, the other technical aspects of modeling in order to choose the optimal rate of return. Sound data analytics skill can help you to land a better role in private equity industry.
  • Being an associate in the private equity industry isn’t an easy job. You must possess excellent negotiation and networking skills to find a good deal, getting in touch with the portfolio companies etc. and all of these requirements to have good communication skill as you’re responsible for maintaining harmonious relations with the companies. Basically, you’d be acting as a spokesperson for the top private equity firms.
  • Preparing the report is one of the crucial tasks of any private equity role. As an associate, you must be able to show the findings through informative and precise reports. You need to be an expert in conducting the appropriate research, investment rationale, and analysis in order to prepare a comprehensive report so that the important information can be obtained in just one glance. A high level of proficiency is needed to use the charts, graphs, text, and numbers in a private equity report.
  • As an associate in the top private equity firms, you must possess a thorough knowledge of database tools like Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, and Factiva which are known to be one of the most recognized ones. All these are subscription based tools which are purely for corporate usage, to provide the respective company a wide range of useful information of private equity industry such as market share, data, positioning, and share prices as well.

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