How to Prepare for Your First Visit to Sports Physiotherapist For Better Health

So you have finally booked an appointment with one of the well-known sports physiotherapist in your town. You are aware of the health problems you are suffering from and believe that a therapist can be of great help. However, the one question that comes to your mind is: how can you make the most of this visit? Being the first one, you want everything to be next too perfect, where the therapist realizes the issues that you are dealing with and what could have been the possible reason behind it? But, for doing so you must prepare for the visit to the therapist.

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What to Expect at the First Visit with Sports Physiotherapist?

Before understanding the aspects that you need to work on, it is vital to know more about the things that you must expect from your first visit and they are

·       Questions regarding your medical history: Therapists often associate any particular problem with the medical history of the patient and then consider the type of treatment that would be suitable for curing the same. For example, if you become a sudden victim of sports injury in your leg then the therapist might ask you general questions, such as – has this occurred before or is there any sort of surgery that was done on the affected part and so on. The questions are more or less relevant to the area of the body that encompasses the issue.

·       Physical Assessment: After discussing about the previous medical records, the physiotherapist performs a physical assessment to take an account of the current situation of the body. With this they will be able to examine the problem that you are suffering from and whether that particular problem has affected any other functions of the body or not. There are often a set of tests performed by the therapist in a systematic manner.

·       Your doubts: At last, the therapist gives you a chance to ask any sort of queries that you have regarding the sports injuries or about the treatment that would be followed up. Here, you can stress on the important questions, such as how long will it take to heal, what will be the average expenditure of the entire treatment, and will it be an all-time effective solution or not. 

Preparing for The Appointment with Sports Physiotherapist

Once you are aware of the things that you are going to expect at the appointment, it becomes easier to prepare for it. For the questions about your medical history, you can study your previous medical records and bring the same during your visit to the therapist. Be open to the questions that they are going to ask you and answer them diligently as this makes it easier to assess the method of treatment that your body requires. 

Next for physical assessment wear appropriate clothes so that the therapist can conduct various tests properly.  It is advisable to prepare a list of questions that you want to ask the sports physiotherapist. In this list you can incorporate every possible doubt that you have about the disorder or problem that you are suffering from or even about the treatment that is going to be involved in it.

Best thing is that the sports therapist has the knowledge, skill and expertise in addressing chronic, overuse and acute injuries. And most importantly, men and women of any age group can take advantage of their services that are or have been engaged in any sort of sports, and now are a victim of dreadful pain or injury because of it.

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