How to Obtain SSN Verification Service

SSN Definition.

Social security number is often mentioned as a part of our government mandate that also benefits the people, but there are some young people who may have just joined in the work force and are getting themselves familiar with it. That being said it is best that we describe it here in this article for the general knowledge of everybody who are making a living and are living in the United States.

By definition, a social security number (SSN) is a 9 digit number that serves as an identifier of people who are in the labor force of a certain country. It is issued to residents that have permanent status in the US, and also to temporary workers under the Social Security Act. In order to get your very own social security number, you will have to show up to the Social Security office and find out from them what your SSN number or code is. There is no need to pay for any fees whatsoever in order to claim the said number. All you need to do is to present certain documents that could serve as a proof that you indeed are a citizen of the United States.

Once you apply for a job, it is then the job of an employer to request for your social security number. Your employer will then verify the number you gave them by undergoing through the social security verification. Some companies would hire a third party for SSN verification service.

What does it take to have an SSN verification Service?

In order to verify the employee names and social security numbers of your employers if they match the records, there are two internet verification options for you. First is the option which is a great tool when hiring new people into the team. You can verify up to 10 names per screen and receive results immediately. Another option is to do an upload. You can actually upload about 250,000 names and SSNs and within 24 hours receive the results. However, this service is available only for verifying information about wage or salary reporting purposes with the aid of the Form W-2.

Other reasons why there is a need for verification for correct names and SSNs on the W-2 besides reporting for wage is that, verifying online is a lot faster and easier than submitting a request in paper list form or in using telephone verification. This process is actually more accurate and saves you the processing cost. It will also reduce W2-c’s. Because the results are more accurate, they will also give proper credit to the earning of the company, a matter that is very important in terms of determining the benefits they can claim from social security in the future.

To begin with you will need to register first through the website for Business Services Online. The registration is on their Welcome page. If you are a third party company doing SSN verification in behalf of other employers, you will only have to register once using the firm’s company name. Select a password for yourself after selecting register and social security will be the one to verify you using your identify and User ID. Take note also of the expiration date. Then, return to the webpage and login with the user ID and password. You will then have to click on the “Request access and activation code.”

It will be your employer who will give you the activation code that you will have to use to log in for the first time into the site. Once you are able to go back to the site put in all the login information and the activation code, you will be logged into your own account for verifying SSN to help you in your human resource duty.

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