How to Make Sure that Your Special Someone is Single

The dating game is indeed filled with thrill, excitement and romance, but if you’re thinking of getting serious into it, you need to make sure that your partner is 100% free and not yet legally committed to someone else. Some people can easily lie about their marital status and both men and women are doing it these days. If you think that the job of finding it out yourself is too complex, the assistance of private investigation services would be a great fit.


Loving someone is making an emotional investment. Any investment needs to be well-placed and it’s got to be in the hands of someone who’s not using you for a quick thrill. Many people have become emotionally devastated as a consequence of a simple lie. It’s is always god to ascertain that the person you want to be with for life is absolutely single. If you believe doing it yourself is alright, here are some ideas you can consider:


1. Ask the person.


There’s nothing wrong with trying to find the truth. After all, it is for your own good. While it may not be the best step, you must go ahead anyway. It also serves as a test of your dating partner’s honesty. If you can detect a lie here, it’s an indication that you must be extra careful.


2. Check public records.


Nothing can tell you the truth better than public records. If you have the patience, diligence and time to do it, you’ll surely establish some truth here. Delving into public records involves an ocean of databases. You should be able to know the full names of your partner and his or her spouse to be able to get marriage records. This is something that’s not quite easy to do for someone who’s only trying to find out if a person is not married.


3. Do your checking in the state you believe your partner was married.


If you are armed with sufficient details, your checking is bound to yield good results. But you should also consider that this technique requires you to find out where the state houses its marriage records. Again, this requires patience. 


4. Hire a private investigator to do it all for you.


Considering the sea of information you are going to tackle in order to get results, you will definitely need more than enough energy and time. But if you leave the job to professionals, you will be spared from the hassles of finding public information. Private investigation experts like the international private investigator is well-versed in matters like this. Just provide them with your partner’s true name and address as well as other important details such as his or her birth date. These will certainly enable a private investigator to dig a myriad of information regarding your partner in a short time. You may not know it, but there is specific information that only licensed private investigators can easily access.


It’s always good to be certain especially if you are about to engage in a romantic relationship that involves not just financial but emotional investment. Since the only way to know the real truth is to check, you don’t have much of a choice but to do some investigative work. If you have other things to do on a regular basis, this could be difficult. With the help of professionals, things will be made easy and fast. Whatever the results may be, it will make you confident of an important decision you’re going to make.


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