How to Make Money With Old College Essays

Do you have a stack of old college essays collecting dust in files and on hard drives? Aren’t sure what to do with all of these papers?

If you are like many other former students you probably hate to destroy all that hard work, but you really aren’t sure what to do with it either. Why not consider putting your old college essays to work so you can earn? There are many great ways to make money with old college essays. 

College Essays can Be Converted to Subject Articles

How to Make Money with Old College Essays

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One of the keys to good writing to possess strong research skills. Chances are if you’ve submitted an essay, thesis or other research paper to class, a lot of effort was poured into the research portion of the assignment. This work you’ve done is valuable and can be put to good use even well after you’ve gotten the grade, especially if the grade was a good one because this means your content was spot on and accurate.

College essays are ideal opportunities for reuse because they are pristine, meaning they are previously unpublished. Another plus to this is the work can be sold either exclusively or non-exclusively. Content that has never been published is often worth more than content that already has had exposure, so college essays are a perfect opportunity to publish work for the first time.  

Evaluate Your Content

What you first need to do to make money with old college papers is pull up the essays and evaluate the content. Are the topics something totally obscure or is the content something people can relate to? If it is the latter, this means you have a good chance of earning money, but even if it is the former, you might be able to make some money on the piece too. It all depends on the level of interest and how you restructure your academic writing to become web-friendly content.

The best way to make money with these old essays is to readjust them to be suitable for web publishing and then set them live in cyberspace. There is a possibility for better earnings this way, plus often, depending on the website, you can sell multiple times or publish them on websites that pay ad revenue and/or a small upfront payment.

Craft Different Articles from One Essay

Another beauty of using old college papers is that one essay can typically be re-crafted into 3-5 separate web articles. Web readers who are finicky and are not likely to be interested in a long dissection on a topic may be more interested in a much shorter piece that either summarized the overall topic or focused in on a niche of a topic.

For instance, say you wrote a six-page essay about the ethics of using technology and you covered multiple areas. Areas covered were intellectual property laws, Internet theft, data mining and hacking; this essay can easily be broken down into several different focus areas for articles and you can earn on each one separately. With these types of topics, be sure and check for updates as tech and laws change rapidly. However, other topics, such as history, don’t see many changes (although new discoveries may have occurred too, so always good to double check!)

The trick is to examine the content, break it up into segments, and finally retool it to be web-friendly. This means shorter paragraphs, more white space and a more conversational tone than traditional essays typically possess. Long academic-style essays don’t typically do well on the web, however, the information you’ve researched is valuable and by refitting the topic to fit the web, the possibilities are endless.

Self-Publishing Websites

Many websites, such as the Harlow-McGaw Media sites, allow writers to self-publish. Before submitting any content to any website, be sure and read all user agreements so you can decide on one that meets your preferences and also whether or not your content is suitable for their platform. Or you can build your own website and develop a niche to build upon, especially if you took very specific classes during college. This is a great start for content and you can further develop your site and write new content if it’s something of high interest to you.

Not only can you publish the stuff you’ve already written, you can take sections of the essay and rewrite them to create new content too; after all the research is already done, to come up with what would be considered new writing you just have to use that research and put a different slant to it.

Have your old college papers been collecting dust? What are you waiting for? It is definitely possible to make money with old college essays. 

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