How to Make Lemongrass Oil at Home

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The Lemongrass Oil is extracted from the crushed stalks of the Lemongrass (Cymbopogon) plant. The best way is to use fresh stalks but as many of us don’t live in Asia where the plant mostly grows, I will give you a recipe to prepare the oil from dry cut stalks.
The Lemongrass Oil is famous for its antifungal and antiseptic effect so it helps to cure acne and other skin conditions, it can also be used to strengthen your hair and its follicles in case of hair loss.
All you need to make your home made oil is 100 grams of dry cut Lemongrass stalks, sesame or olive oil and two jars or bottles- one of clear glass and one of colored glass-green or brown which are air-tight. You will also need a cheesecloth to filtrate the oil.
In order to prepare the oil, put the Lemongrass stalks in one clear glass jar or bottle, then pour sesame or olive oil to cover the stalks. Cork up the glass and leave it for two weeks in warm and sunny place. I recommend you to use sesame or olive oil to extract the beneficial substances of the Lemongrass, because both of them have magical effect on the skin and hair.
After the two weeks have passed, take the bottle or jar with the Lemongrass and using cheesecloth to filtrate the contents, empty the Lemongrass oli in the dark glass jar or bottle. Squeeze well the cheesecloth to extract the oil from the Lemongrass stalks then close the air-tight dark glass. This dark glass should be kept in cool, dry and dark place.
Is it necessary to tell you that the jars or bottles you use should be very clean and your hands well washed before starting to prepare the oil. If you don’t abide by this hygienic rules and don’t use air-tight glasses, the Lemongrass oil you have produced will turn rancid in a course of a few days.
And only one very important piece of advice- always dilute the Lemongrass oil in a carrier oil of your choice because if applied undiluted, it could irritate your skin. If you intend to apply it on your scalp as a hair mask, mix one part Lemongrass oil with two parts argan, castor or macadamia oil. Those of you who will use Lemongrass oil to struggle with acne and other skin conditions, should dilute one part Lemongrass oil in three parts sesame or corn (maze) oil.

The photo and recipe are my own. Please, don’t use them without my permission.

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