How to Make a Quick Buck with Your Used Stuff (No eBay)

Need to sell some used stuff FAST? how to make money selling your used stuff on facebook

I’ve been away from writing lately because I’m in the middle of a large move out of state.  We are carefully packing all of our things in boxes and as we do we come across things we don’t need anymore.  Some of the things that we don’t need anymore are still in perfectly good condition for someone else to use.  I’m all for donating things to the Goodwill and I do but some of the stuff I have is just so nice that I think I can make a buck off it if I had a garage sale or something!  I live in an apartment right now though, so that’s not possible.  

So what do you do when you can’t have a garage sale and you don’t have the time for eBay? 

Join an Online Shop & Swap Group on Facebook

I recently discovered that there are groups online through Facebook, that you can list your used stuff for sale.  In these “shop and swap groups” you can list your used items with a price and location for others to come pick up.  There could be two or three groups in your area already, you can cross post your items in all the groups that are relevant or just use one. 

How do you find a shop and swap group on Facebook?

facebook shop and swap group search

There is a search bar on Facebook, type in your city and words like “swap, exchange, yard sale” and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one.  If you live in a smaller city, you can always try your county or area.  They usually come up first when you use certain search terms.

Good search terms to use:

Your city or area name + (words like) exchange, buy & sell, sell & trade, yard sale, swap

They go by different names, each city is different but they are usually never that hard to find.

Posing in Swap Groups on Facebook

swap groups on facebook rulesOnce you have joined the group, be sure to read the rules.  The rules are usually located in the upper right hand corner of the group under the “About” section.  Most groups have pretty simple rules but there are some that don’t allow certain items.  Baby clothing, books, used sports equipment and appliances sometimes have their own specific groups. 

When posting, upload a picture and put the price and your location (but not your address).  I usually put my nearest cross streets and the price of my item and say something like “$5 obo.”

 Don’t price your items really high.  Remember these should be garage sale type prices.  Really low.  They are driving to pick up the stuff and you want to sell it, it’s not going to sell if it’s overpriced.  

If it is a large group, keep an eye on your post, sometimes they get buried quickly.  You can type something in the comments to push your post back up to the top if it gets buried in the group.  Anything you type in the comments will bump the post to the top of the group. I usually write the word “bump” so the admin of the group knows what I’m doing but anything will work.

When someone is interested in your post, you can ask them to private message you for your phone number and a more specific location and time.  The details always work out differently but they usually happen through private message.

What Can I Sell?

Read the rules of the group but pretty much anything goes unless otherwise posted.  I’ve seen everything from used clothing, purses, jewelry, cars, baby items, appliances and more.  Sometimes people offer their services such as cleaning, cooking, gift basket making, etc.  Each group is different, reading the rules is the only way to be sure of what you can sell.  There are most likely, multiple groups to post in that allow different things.

Where do you meet these people?

I live in an apartment right now, so I meet them in front of the leasing office where it’s well lit and there’s lots of people around.  Sometimes I will meet them at a Wal-Mart or Vons parking lot nearby if I’m going to be out and about.  If you have a school or a park (some kind of public place) nearby, you can meet them there.  I always give my cell phone number and ask them to text me when they are nearby.  

I’ve sold many things this way and its really helped lighten the load for our move. Most of the time the people do show up and pick-up the items.  It’s nice to have these groups because you can make some quick cash the same day in most cases.  I’ve sold many used baby items that I didn’t need anymore and made a quick $5 here and there.  I’m always looking for ways to make money from home to help my family along and every little bit helps!  

Sometimes I go to the thrift store and if I find something that I think I can clean up and swap for a small profit, I’m all over it.  These groups have been amazing for making a quick buck really fast.  You never know what someone else is searching for so before throwing out your kids old toys or donating them to Goodwill, see if you can get a couple bucks for them in a Facebook swap group! 

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