How To Inventory Your Cross Stitch Designs

Most avid needle crafters have a myriad of cross stitched patterns stashed here and there throughout their homes. This unorganized stash of cross stitch designs and patterns can be very challenging at times, since it is very arduous to go through each stack and pile to find that one design that you are looking for. This task becomes even more tedious when your cross stitch designs are lurking somewhere in your hard drive or buried inside some magazines.
Thus, it becomes important that you keep track of your designs and patterns. In other words it is always a good idea to own a needlework journal so that it becomes possible for you to keep inventory of your cross stitch designs and patterns.

Cross Stitch Designs


But this solution too however has its cons along with its pros. At times this complex organization and lack of the image of each pattern can have its toll and thus it becomes its maintenance becomes daunting, so does this imply that you cannot keep an inventory of your designs? Certainly Not.
We have devised a new and innovative organization solution so that keeping an inventory of your designs and patterns becomes FUN and you ought to take our word on this that all the extra effort and time which you will put into this inventory will be worth it.

What’s the Organization Solution?

This new inventory solution incorporates modern technology and just a teeny bit of effort.

  • Every time that you come across a cross stitch design or pattern that you really like, take a picture of it.
  • Before saving the image file, make sure that you get a good look at the stitch count. Moreover, if the design is from some magazine, then it is always a good idea to note down the date and volume of that particular magazine.
  • What will happen is that you will have the images of all the patterns you like in one place and you can browse through them with convenience.
  • And thus choosing that one pattern which you want to stitch would become a piece of cake.
  • In fact, you can narrow down your inventory even further and make various folders so that it becomes even easier to browse through your collection of patterns.

Keep your Pattern Collection Safe:

This inventory should stay with you throughout your life. Moreover, it should be stored in such a manner that it is feasible for you to look it up all together from anywhere at any time. There are a number of options which can make this possible such as Google Drive, One Drive etc.

Technology and Inventory get along well:

There are many soft wares, computer programs, apps and other options available out there which can help you keep track of your patterns and designs easily and in an organized fashion.

  1. Microsoft Word or Excel:
    Microsoft Word and Excel are two very common programs which are used by majority of folks all across the globe. Both programs enable you to upload photos which can then be organized into spread sheets and tables along with their respective descriptions. If you wish to deploy either of these programs to keep your inventory then you can make different columns, each delineating a specific details such as the name of pattern or design, its stitch count, the name of magazine, its date of publication, volume no. etc.
  2. Inventory Apps:
    If you wish to keep your inventory in your phones or tablets to take with you wherever you go, then inventory tracking apps can be the best solution for you. Now a days, there are a number of such apps present out there such as OneNote, Spring Pad etc. With the help of such apps, you would be able to upload pictures of patterns and give them a title and description.

Inventory without Technology:

It is very probable that you are that person who isn’t really into technology. Probably you prefer things that are done manually and maybe that’s the way you want your cross stitch inventory to be. If such is your case, then you need not fret because we have the perfect organization solution for you too.
In comparison to the former tech-oriented methods, this one might be more time and effort consuming, yet there is no harm in relying upon the goodness of paper and pen. Now, you have two options to make this inventory.

  • Either take photos and get them developed. The photos from this developed film can then be attached in your journal along with the title and respective description
  • The other option that you have is to get colored copies of the patterns of your choice. These copied patterns can also be added in your inventory.
    Thus, there are several ways out there. You can choose any one from these or you might add a twist to these methods and come up with your very own inventory solution for your cross stitch designs.

Image Credit: Pixabay (Public Domain) 

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