How to go about choosing an orthopaedic surgeon and hospital

When you are confronted with surgery it does happen to be one of the most stressful moments of your life. Before you opt for surgery you would need to select a hospital along with a surgeon who is well versed to conduct it. Just like the case with a job interview there are some qualities traits that you would need to keep in mind while selecting a surgeon so that you are able to take a well informed decision. So how do you choose the best orthopaedic hospital in India along with the surgeon? Let us go through the following points.

Infection rate

When you are about to choose a hospital you would need to be aware of the infection rates of the hospital. The reason of it is that it could lead to drastic outcomes. The factors that contribute to it are the time taken for a surgery, how antibiotics are received before surgery along with the type of anaesthesia that is provided as well.

Surgeries performed

When you are choosing a hospital you would need to keep in mind the type of surgeon you would need. Medical science does point to the fact that the more you are in a field the better you will be better. If you are presented with more time during an emergency it is always suggested that you choose a hospital with whose staff you are familiar.


When you are about to choose a surgeon do keep in mind the training which the surgeon has acquired. Practice is going to make the medical staff perfect and the more medical procedures they are going to perform the better they will become at it as well. As far as education is concerned patients are advised to be part of fellowship programs as well.

Experience of patients

This is an important clog in the wheel when you are about to choose a hospital and a surgeon. Not only has it boiled down to the fact on how patients are treated but the aftercare that is provided to them along with the facilities extended to their relatives as well. A suggestion in this regard would be to hop on to more than a single hospital. Do judge a hospital on the facts and figures that is present in front of you. The quality of the surgeons does have an important say in this regard as well.

Successful outcomes

A top notch hospital is for sure expected to have higher levels of outcome. When you decide a physician along with a hospital these things need to be kept in mind. What you could do is to go through the internet and obtain data in this regard.

Finally there is no short cut to the fact that a detailed research needs to be done at your own end. This will ensure that you are making the right choices. Do ask the relevant questions before the right decision is taken as well.

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