How to Enjoy Halloween Candy While on a Diet

The Halloween season is often a difficult one for people who enjoy their sweets. This is especially true for those who are dieting as an attempt to enjoy better health, lose weight, or maintain a healthy weight. During this time of year eating candy can be a temptation because of the abundance of it in the home, the office or other social or commercial situations. Let’s face it, candy is all over the place from October to the end of December.

Fortunately, dieters can avoid falling into the pitfalls without losing sight of their diet. The key to successfully managing getting through the Halloween season ultimately comes down to willpower, moderation and smart choices.

My thoughts on how to enjoy Halloween candy while on a diet:

Exercise Willpower

Willpower is an important factor in any diet if you want to succeed. With all the high fat chocolates, cookies and other treats that can be a strong temptation during the holidays, kicking willpower into full gear can help successfully navigate falling into the sugar laden pitfalls which can so easily happen during Halloween.

The best way to do this is to make a pact with yourself that it is OK to enjoy a little bit and indulge, but to also promise yourself to stop. Self-deprivation is often counterproductive, so consciously making a decision to have strong willpower can help. This not only makes a pact with yourself, but in the long run can be very empowering when successful.

And maybe allow yourself a treat once in a while. Give it a set time so you have something to look forward to.

Aim for Moderation

As noted above, self-deprivation can be counterproductive; in many instances it is a direct link to fail. Rather than setting yourself up for failure, consider moderation as an option.

If the diet is going well and you really have a craving for that chocolate bar, allow yourself to have it. The key is to enjoy in moderation, set a limit and firmly stick to it. This way you aren’t feeling as if you’re punishing yourself and in the end, more highly probable to harm your diet. Allowing moderation can not only avoid negative feelings, but also result in feeling good knowing you have the aforementioned willpower to stop when a limit is reached.

Smart Choices

Enjoying Halloween candy can also be done by making smarter choices. Instead of going for the high fat chocolate, stick to hard candies, lollypops and other low calorie options. While the sugar content is high, the fat aspect can be reduced. Choosing candies which are lower in fat content can help take the edge of the sugar cravings and temptation while allowing a bit of indulgence.

What I do when I have a craving for chocolate is head to my local Trader Joe’s and buy a bar or two of Simply Lite Low Carb Dark Chocolate (and if I buy two, stick it in the freezer). It doesn’t have sugar and is a better option than standard candy you get in the stores. Tastes sweet, not bitter like some of the other kinds I’ve tried. Not even close. It’s really good stuff in my opinion.

If you have a Trader Joe’s I recommend buying it at the store (it’s cheaper), but if you can’t, you can get it on Amazon.  There are three types: milk, dark and dark with almond. I’m a big fan of dark chocolate so that’s all I’ll buy for myself. The kids love the milk though.

Eating some Halloween candy doesn’t have to end your diet. Instead, consider enjoying it along with your family and friends. Two fails people often have are temptations and cravings – so instead of fighting them – give yourself a compromise. If you practice willpower, moderation and smart choices, this can get you through Halloween without putting the pounds back on.

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