How to Dye Your Hair with Indian Henna


When I was a teenager, I was suffering from Iron Deficiency Anemia. In addition to all negative effects it had on my body and health, it also affected my hair. Day by day I felt more and more disappointed when I was looking myself in the mirror. My hair started to grow thin with split edges. Later came the hair loss. I decided to apply different hair masks and herbs infusions in order to improve my look but it was all in vain.

Nevertheless I was lucky. One of my friends was a Turkish girl with gorgeous thick and long hair, shining with red shades. When she heard me lamenting for my hair problem she gave me a priceless piece of advice and shared with me the secret of maintaining her hair in such perfect condition. The magical word was henna. Needless to say, the very day she revealed me how to use it, I went to the nearest cosmetics shop and bought a big packet of henna. The result was not immediate. I started to apply henna on my hair every week and in about seven months I was looking and feeling much better. I was happy again with my healthy looking, thicker, stronger and more shiny hair. In a course of a few years I was using only henna but later I decided to add oils, herbs and eggs to it, which improved the positive impact it had on my hair.

What actually is henna? It is a shrub or small tree with Latin name Lawsonia inermis which grows in Northern Africa, Western and Southern Asia. People has used it for more than six thousand years for cosmetic purposes-to dye hair, nails, palms and soles, for exquisite body art and temporary tattoos.

The advantage of using henna is that it is a chemical-free way of dyeing, it does not damage your hair and gives it cool reddish shades. My personal favorite is the henna from India but Turkish and Egyptian henna types are not bad either.

In addition to the awesome red color, the Indian henna gives the hair a good volume and strengthens it, unlike the artificial colors which contain ammonia and peroxide and have very negative effects, especially when they are used for a long time.

How to prepare the henna? Below I am going to share with you my recipe I have used for a long time:

1. If your hair is not very long, take 80 grams Indian henna and put it in a ceramic or porcelain bowl.

2. Add 1 tea spoon sesame oil.

3. Add 1 tea spoon castor oil.

4. Add 1 tea spoon well pulverized clove.

5. Add 1 tea spoon finely ground coffee.

Mix everything with wooden spoon.

6. Add carefully hot black tea while stirring slowly with the spoon.

When you are ready, the henna mix consistence should resemble yogurt.

Leave the henna in the bowl for about 10-15 hours.

How to apply henna?

1. Wash your hair with shampoo and dry it.

2. Add 1 egg to the henna mix and stir well with the wooden spoon.

3. Warm the henna mix on water-bath.

4. Put on plastic gloves.

5. Start applying the henna to the roots, all your hair should be covered with the henna mix.

6. When you are ready, put on a shower cap and leave the henna on your head for about four hours for better color.

7. Wash your hair with shampoo and voila! You will be happy with your beautifully colored hair with dreamy red shades.


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