How to Develop Positive Employee Relations Practices

Employee relations is one of the important aspects of human resources and it connects with almost every discipline of employment. To handle workplace matters and other factors such as workplace safety, performance management, compensation & benefits, and recruitment and selection, employee relations experts are required. The goal here is to establish a harmonious working relationship between the employer and the employees. The employee relations professional also deals with various issues related to the human resource. Here’s how to ensure a positive culture of employee engagement.

  • To establish strong employee relations you should provide them with multiple channels for training and development. Introduce various exciting new training and opportunities to develop with specialized or customized learning materials. Social media can be very effective for driving employee engagement as it has the ability to enable all across the organization in order to share the knowledge, get real-time feedback and frequent reviews. Constant rethinking is needed in order to build a solid internal communication. Today’s workplace which consists of millennials mostly, needs brief and precise messages in order to connect.
  • The modern workplace is considered to be cross-generational and it requires lots of real-time feedback rather than an annual feedback because it consists of millennials as well. If this isn’t handled in a proper way, then it can create generation gap which is the source of friction in the office. Employee engagement could get complicated as the HR professionals need to understand the basic characteristics of each generation in order to find ways of working effectively. You should provide a clear feedback system for employees who need coaching which will provide important feedback. At the time of orientation, the organization should strictly communicate about certain behavioral expectations to ensure clarity. There will be a wide range of working styles and attitudes in the workplace. Focusing on commonalities can bring the expected harmony and this will make the employees feel valued by the company. Staying flexible is the key to promote a positive and holistic work environment.
  • Gamifying can be beneficial for driving better employee relations. It uses the basic elements of games which makes the learning interesting and fun. Through consistent and positive feedback, gamification helps the employee to condition their mind to see for increasing accomplishments. For example, PwC has a business simulation game called Multipoly which is focused on improving the recruitment and retention rate of the employees. The personalized training is one of the wonderful aspects of gamification and it’s being applied thoroughly across the organizations to enhance the employee relations.
  • Employee surveys are important for knowing about any workplace issue. But keeping them anonymous can make them believe that they can provide their honest feedback without any hesitation. Such anonymous surveys can offer valuable information, unusual insights and creative ideas to improve the workplace culture. But this is only possible for the employees feel like sharing their real thoughts about the management and workplace environment. Other than that, make them feel free to discuss any HR issue.

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