How to Deal with Stress

Stress is our reaction for an external impulse. We practically don’t need or want it in our lives but it seems inevitable. Luckily we can learn how to deal with stress. Here’s a piece of advice.

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1. Find out where the stress is coming from.

We often forget about it but it’s basic: if we don’t know what is the cause of our problem it’s hard to resolve it. Take a pen and write down all the stuff that could stress factors in your life.

2. Eliminate unnecessary stress

After writing down all the possible factors of stress divide them into two groups: evitable and inevitable ones. Are you struggling with lack of money? Well, try to increase your income and your stress level will decline.

3. Accept the inevitable

Do you have problems with your teenage children? That will probably come to an end some day but now, as a caring parent, you can’t just stop thinking about it.You have to accept that some situations cannot be changed in a moment.

4. Smile!

Smile and laughter are our best natural weapons to fight stress. Laughing lowers your blood pressure, boosts your immune system, releases endorphins (your body’s natural painkillers) and produces a general sense of well-being. The more you laugh and smile, the less you are vulnerable to stress. Happy people know better how to deal with stress!

5. Do sport

You don’t have to spend every morning in the swimming pool or at gym. But we all need some regular exercises. It should be something you really enjoy – it is easier to follow the routine if you like what you are doing. You can dance, play basketball with your children or even take a walk in the park. Just focus on it and don’t think of anything stressful.

6. Have someone beside you

We all need somebody who cares for us. And we all need a simple hug sometimes. If you’re very lonely you can find someone to be there for you. It can even be a dog: it is not without reason that dog is called best friend of human. Taking care of somebody will help you forget about your stress.

7. Take care of your soul

Think about it even if you don’t believe in any supreme being. You can find the meaning of life in classical music of in quantum  physics. The main point is that you’re looking for it. Then all your problems will suddenly seem unimportant.

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