How to Create Unique Content to Raise Your Blog’s Authority

You know content is king – that’s why you’re here. The question is, how do you create this unique content that will give your blog the authority you crave?

It’s actually not that difficult once you get on a roll. There are all kinds of tips that talk about what your content needs to be in order to create this authority, but not many places actually tell you what you need to know in order to create it.

This is a step-by-step guide that will help you create content that is unique, engaging and hopefully shareable. This will position you as the expert and give your site the authority you’re looking for.

Be The Expert

Audience listens the expert

You don’t need to sound like the expert – just be the expert. As long as you’re providing content that’s relevant, you’re well on your way. The difficult part is making it unique. It’s easy to paste a lot of other people’s content into your site, you’ll find plenty of sites that do this, but this won’t help your SEO.

If you’re running the blog, chances are you know a thing or two about the topic you’re covering. This is where you need to start on your quest for content creation. We’ll show you how to tap into your own knowledge, and fill in the rest with research.

The only way people become experts is by gaining experience, or learning about the topic. Period. There’s no magic formula, and anyone can be an expert.

Watch for Common Mistakes

Shocked and surprised boy made a mistake

You’re not the first person to write a blog. Shocking information, I know. The best part about all of these people coming before you is that they have blazed a trail filled with mistakes. The good news is that you can learn from them, and hopefully, avoid the same pitfalls.

We’re not going to cover them all here, but BloggerSentral has a good list of 10 common mistakes for new bloggers. They range from writing style to meandering around the topic. I find that having a clear goal and making an outline will help me avoid most of these mistakes.

In regards to writing style, you need to find your voice. Chances are this will happen naturally, but at the start, it’s possible you’re being too technical, or not technical enough with your writing. Give it time, and watch your analytics to find out what’s working and what isn’t.

Ideas for Content

Idea thinking concept

Now we’re getting into the meat of the topic. Where do all these ideas come from? And how do you create content that’s actually unique? Content Marketing Institute has a few ideas that will help you create unique content, but we’ll expand on it a little bit.

They mention using your passions, building off other people’s ideas, and getting ideas from your fans. These are great sources that should generate a TON of ideas. Especially when you tap into your fans – they’re great at telling you to want they want to see.

Passion is a little harder, right? I mean, the whole website is your passion, so how does that help? This is where you need to train yourself a little bit. If your topic is about cars, the next time you go to google ANYTHING about cars, stop yourself. This could be as simple as having your default homepage a big stop sign image.

If you’re about to search for a topic, this is the topic you should write about. If you’re looking for an answer or information, chances are your fans are too. Once you’ve stopped yourself, start a “headline list”. This is a list that is made of bullet points of what you’re researching. If it’s about tailpipes, your list may include buying a tailpipe, attaching to a car, common mistakes, etc. Don’t copy and paste, just write down a headline.

If you’re not searching for your passion, I love to use the Google Keyword Planner to tap into what people are searching for on a particular topic. Just type in cars, or get more specific, and you’ll see what topics people are looking at. Start a search on these topics, and follow the headline list method above.

Write Unique, Engaging Content

Process of content creation

This is where it gets tougher. How do you write something that is different from what you just read? This is where the headline list comes in. By reading the articles / doing the research, you can create headlines to talk about in your article. If you just have the headline, you can go back to it in a few hours, and write down what you know about the topic.

The key here is that you just regurgitate what you learned about the topic in your own words. If you’ve given yourself a couple hours to think about it, you’ll have a hard time copying what was written. If you need to refer back to it to fill in the gaps, try to write as much as you can first, then just edit what you created to make it accurate.

Boom – you’re an expert. You’ve just given your blog larger authority by essentially typing what you’ve learned through a web search. If you’re not a great writer, no problem. There are lots of great sites that will help you with improving your writing.

Write Shareable Content

Internet communication abstract

This isn’t a magic formula. If you want your content to be shared, your two biggest weapons are making it unique and making it engaging. Don’t forget to add widgets on your site to make it easy to share your content.

The next tip is to take a different approach. If you’re not tired of cars yet, let me use one final example. If everyone is writing about durability of tires by simply driving around and testing them, go about it in an unusual way Talk about the durability of tires using different units, like instead of saying tire brand X lasts about 10,000 miles, say it would last you about 312 round trips to the local sports stadium and back. Anything to make 10,000 miles more interesting.

Unique content doesn’t have to be hard to come up with and create. Just find an idea and have the plan to get that idea out of your head. If you don’t know enough about the topic, do some research, and come back to write it later.

You’d be surprised how much information you can retain and spit back later. It’s how every expert since the dawn of the internet was born. Now go make some unique content!

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