How to Clean and Care for Your Skylights

How to Clean and Care for Your Skylights

The installation of skylights in a proper manner can beautify and brighten your dwelling place by flooding the interior atmosphere with fresh, natural light. Given that skylights are usually installed on the roof of your home, so there are a handful of things to consider while cleaning and caring them. Ideally, these require a little maintenance and cleaning from time to time. This post will make you well-versed regarding how to clean and care for your skylights. Read on.

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  1. Clean Exterior Glass

One way to clean a skylight is to climb onto the roof and clean it while standing security on a ladder. You can also reach your roof window with a telescopic pole and attachments like a squeegee or a sponge-mop end.

It’s recommended to use a detergent-and-water solution containing 30ml of dishwashing liquid to 600ml of water. Alternatively, you can also make use of any alcohol-based glass cleaner or a 50:50 solution of vinegar and water. Usually, alcohol-based cleaners provide a streak-free finish.

  1. Remove loose, caked-on dirt

One of the skylight maintenance tips is to eliminate dirt from you’re your roof window. To do so, wet the window with a hose, immerse the sponge mop into your cleaning solution or spray it onto the mop head until it’s soggy, and finally, wipe it over the window.

Afterward, cleanse the mop and clean again with water. Use the squeegee to dry the window. Don’t forget to clean frames around the skylight, taking care of any sharp edges. A twice-a-year cleaning of your skylight and frame is enough to keep its functioning intact.

  1. Clean Glass Skylight Interior

Use a round-headed cobweb brush or a barely-damp mop to remove loose dirt and dust. Wash out the mop or change it and then clean with one of the aforementioned solutions. Bear in mind to safeguard your floor or carpet. Repeat the process every few months to keep your skylights in a good working condition.

Try cleaning wooden frames, if reachable, by using furniture polish. Finish, paint or stain frames every three years to prevent the wood from any damage from UV rays.

  1. For Acrylic Skylights

Solid cleaning solvents may result in scratch and damage in acrylic skylights. Even using glass cleaner can cause an issue. In order to clean your acrylic window from inside and outside, mix 15ml of dishwashing liquid in 4 liters of hot water. Now, dip a soft cloth into the solution and clean your window and rinse well.

For obstinate strains, you should use any specialty plastic cleaner that is easily available in the auto-core section of supermarkets. You can even use the plastic cleaner to eliminate marks on vinyl frames. Make use of a citrus-based cleaner to remove roof tar from the exteriors of the acrylic window. If it doesn’t work for you, opt for kerosene dabbed on a cloth and wipe over the marks. Rinse thoroughly with a pipe or a bucket of clean water.

It’s recommended not to use a power washer as it may damage the insulation around your window, cause leaks, as well as loosen tiles.

  1. Clean the screen

You don’t need to remove a skylight’s screen to clean the inside of a roof window. In case this is too hard, open the window and clean the inside at the same time you clean the outside. You can make use of the upholstery brush attachment to vacuum the screen.

In case the screen is particularly dirty, you should give it a wash with a soft brush dipped in a solution of dishwashing liquid and hot water. Rinse it thoroughly and let air dry it.

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