How To Choose Best Baseball Bats?

A baseball game is played between two teams that take turns of batting and fielding. As the game involves team’s involvement, it drags the attention of many children and will be a critical factor in developing the team spirit. If you or your children are baseball enthusiasts, two things namely right baseball and baseball bat are important to increase your skills in the game. Though there are many other baseball game equipment that needs to be given due importance to play the game effectively, the current article is to focus on how to choose the baseball bat effectively.

Baseball bat

A baseball bat is used to strike the ball in the game. These balls are either made of springy wood or aluminum. People use aluminum bats in youth leagues as they are easy to swing when compared to wooden bats.  These bats can be a perfect choice of bats during the early stages of game learning.  As the rules of the games, these bats should be not more than 7cm in diameter and 107cm in length.

How to choose right baseball bat?  

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Choosing a right best youth baseball bats can increase the potential of the person in playing the game and significantly build confidence. You should present a customized bat to the children so that he can play the game to the fullest of his potential. There are few things you should look at while selecting the baseball bat.  There are three different factors that should be given due consideration while selecting the bat is the length of the bat, the weight of the bat or drop weight and the barrel size.


Length of baseball bat should be chosen according to the age of the person who is playing the game. If the age of the person is 5-7, the length of the bat should be 24-26. As the age of the person increases by two years, the length of the bat increases by two inches. Lengthier the baseball bats, bigger will be the reach. However, lengthy bats tend to become heavy in weight affecting the swing. Right balance in the length and weight of the bat should be analyzed before choosing the best baseball bat.

The weight of the bat 

It is a believed fact that big players should use heavy bats to gain more power and small players should lighter ones to get more speed.  Though is an option to filter the baseball bats you are going to shop, it is the rule of thumb on which you have to rely. By this statement, you might have understood that heavier bats can make the player lost the control while lighter bats might decrease potential acceleration power.  The trick to finding the right baseball for the player is to check the drop weight of the baseball bat. Drop weight of the bat is the difference between the length and weight of the bat measured in inches and ounces respectively.  The drop weight of the baseball changes with the performance of the player increases.  If you are having the baby steps in the baseball game, a bat with the drop weight of -10 to-12 is suggested, high school students who have proficiency in playing the game should choose the baseball with the drop weight not greater than -3.  You should not forget to conduct the weight test while choosing the bat. Ask the player to hold the bat above the handle for 20 seconds without dropping or arm shaking. If he could hold the bat as stated, it could be the best bat you can choose for the player.

Barrel size

This is the third most important factor you should consider while choosing the baseball bat. If you are playing under the age 12,  you should choose the bat with barrel 21/4”. It is considered as the standard size for the youth players. While college students are supposed to use the bat with the barrel diameter of 2.5/8”.

Types of bats

The baseball bats are made of different types of material like alloy bats, composite bats, half and half bats and hybrid bats.  You can choose the bat depending on the material of bat you want to play with.

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