How to Choose a Domain Name That’s Perfectly Suited to Your Website

Although many site owners treat domain names as an afterthought, this is a very unwise move. Hastily selecting a name that isn’t uniquely suited to your particular website can result in less exposure, lower search engine rankings and poor visitor numbers. Fortunately, creating the perfect domain name doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Provided you’re willing to put in a little time and effort, you’ll be able to think up a domain name that’s catchy, easy to remember and reflective of your site’s core mission. In your quest for the perfect domain name, the following tips are sure to prove invaluable. 

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Be Relevant

Your domain name should give prospective visitors a solid idea of what your site is all about. As such, the words you choose to include should all be relevant to the site’s core mission. For example, someone who owns a fast food establishment in Madison, WI should opt for something along the lines of “” or “” These names are short, catchy and to-the-point and leave little room for ambiguity. In the age of mobile browsing, few people will take a chance on a site that doesn’t make its mission immediately clear, so relevance should be high atop your list of priorities. Embracing this philosophy will make it much easier to choose premium domain names

Be Succinct

Lengthy domain names are an absolute no-no for fledgling websites. No matter how clever you think a name is, if it exceeds three words in length, it’s got to go. Domain names that encompass four or more words are difficult to remember, difficult to type and highly unlikely to play well with mobile device users. For further proof, simply look at a list of the web’s most popular sites. As you’ll find, the overwhelming majority of them have names that are between one and three words in length. Additionally, if you can think of a suitable name that’s under three words, you’ll be in even better shape to succeed. When it comes to domain names, shorter almost always equals better.  

Be Intolerant of Excess

In addition to opting for a name that contains no more than three words, it’s absolutely essential that you take a hard stance against numbers, hyphens and other unnecessary symbols. Not only do such symbols make domain names cumbersome to type, they rarely, if ever, add anything of relevance. Despite being aware of this, some site owners will include them because their preferred domain names have already been registered and they essentially want the closest thing. However, in addition to breaking one of the cardinal rules of domain name selection, this also stands to create brand confusion.

Your choice of domain name is not something to be taken lightly. Domain names play a far more important role in a site’s success than many people realize, so it behooves you to put your best foot forward when choosing one. Luckily, this process doesn’t have to be difficult, cumbersome or time-consuming. When formulating a name that perfectly reflects your site, make a point of being relevant, succinct and intolerant of excess.

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