How to Celebrate 2017: New Year Resolution


Do you realize how fast the time goes on? The question you need to ask yourself is, did you enjoy 2016 or it’s the same year like the year before and the year before that? Perhaps, something eventful, whether it’s bad ones or good ones, happened in between of the year 2016. The next question you need to ask is, do you feel like everything you did this entire 2016 is a waste? Like, you didn’t do anything productive enough?

Yes, I know. Perhaps, at the beginning of the year, you’re brimming with hope to do something with your life. Something productive and something that will make your life even more worthy and finally, you will stop feeling like you’ve wasted your entire year. Trust me, I know that feeling because I’ve been feeling like that for so long. I will make all those plans, new year resolution to be precise, and in the end, I ended up not doing almost anything on the list.

However this year, I’ve set up some goals I want to achieve and though it didn’t turn out as good as I’ve expected, at least I managed to do some of it. Some of the goals are unrealistic so it’s to be expected. So, here’s what you need to do.

List all the things you wanted to do that year

It’s fine to be unrealistic even but make sure to add some realistic plan as well like a plan to learn violin or study more. You can write down your dreams as well since the dreams will serve as your motivation. To do something, you need to have motivation or consequence. Even if you didn’t manage to fulfill all of the things you’ve planned, it’s okay as long as you get some of the things on the list done.

Find Your Motivation

We’ve talked about motivation before. Motivation is essential in order for you to do something willingly. Just imagine the aftermath if you were able to fulfill the list you’ve made. At least, you’d stop feeling like you’ve wasted your entire year. If motivation is not enough to make you do it, then think of the consequences. Well, for motivation to arise or the will to do it… you can only find it yourself. It’s not something other people can force you to do.

Don’t procrastinate

I know. It’s hard to not procrastinate. It’s just… sometimes, it’s too hard. You’re too lazy. The most hardest part when doing something is starting it. Whenever you feel like procrastinating or holding it off for a little bit, remember, you might not do it for real if you procrastinate. That’s all you need to remember – keep those three things on your mind.


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