How to break into film industry

If you are tired of being a background extra or you would like to land a career in film here are some quick ways to get noticed by the people who have the power to open doors to your dream job in the film industry.

Get involved with movie projects while they are in pre-production. It is a new year and with that comes new budgets. Directors and crews right now are looking for creative ways and people to help fund their projects. Many are doing this by offering incentives to reach their funds goals. Research projects on Indiegogo for upcoming projects like the film Hosanna. This interesting story written and directed by Leila Djansi focuses on one man’s plight as a Black illegal Immigrant to America. It demonstrates the heavy obstacles William played by Leon Robinson faces in his quest. Despite William’s countless efforts the American Dream is more a struggle than he could imagine. Desperate to have a decent livelihood William resorts to going against the grain in order to survive the hardships of being in dire economic despair. 

Currently Hosana is offering great perks that will boost your presence on social media networks as well as bring contributors to the fore front in the film industry. Doners move from being spectators to being able to interact with star actors, famous directors, and distinguished crew members. The leading actor/producer Leon Robinson will mention your name on his social media site. This automatically makes you visible to over 22,000 world wide fans that are involved or interested in film.  Imagine how much exposure and followers a contribution to the project could get you. A move like that gets you recognition by A list actors, award winning directors, and in with well respected crew members. All of that for only ten dollars. That is pretty inexpensive compared to purchasing social media followers or spending hundreds of dollars on Headshots and reels.

Actors if you ever wanted to ask a celebrity what does it take to reach that status Hosana grants you that chance. Leon will attend a cocktail party in designated states and you can be in his immediate circle for only a hundred dollars.  That is one of the most simplest ways to get feedback and noted by a star that has years of experience in acting and show business. 

For the performers that want to create a professional acting reel for five hundred dollars you gain instant placement in the movie and will be featured. You can then use that footage in your reel. Other rewards of donating this amount is that you receive an E-Copy of the film and  lower level perks.

Another way to develop a good rapport in the film industry is to receive an Associate Producer credit in a film. For a thousand dollars you will be acknowledged as a producer in a feature film. Not  many people have them credentials. Plus you earn IMDb credit, Private Cocktail Party Invite , and Exclusive Wall Poster Art.

Film enthusiasts that love to watch film award shows or envision going to a film preview with entertainment leaders now you no longer have to wonder how it would feel to attend one. For tweny five hundred dollars you will be given an on production Pass, Copy of Film art, Associate Producer Credit, IMDb Credit, Cocktail Party, and one Premiere Ticket. 

The list of various ways to break into film plus have a major presence in the industry include additional choices such as the  five thousand package which entitles big supporters of the film to an Exclusive Producers Chair, Private Screening of Film, DVD Copy of Film, and Associate Producer Credit.

If you would like to skip the chase and position yourself as a mover and shaker have a Luncheon with both the Director and Producer, Red Carpet premiere access, Special Media Interview, Name on promotions and step & repeat, and all lower level perks for ten thousand dollars. 

To find out more details on  on how to get involved in film industry and Hosanna film view the film’s Indiegogo  site or visit  Leon Robinson’s fan page.

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