How to Be Treated like a VIP While You Are Staying at a Hotel

We have all seen the movies where the rich men and women are treated like royalty when they stayed at hotels. The staff caters to their every whim in hopes that they will get a great tip. Nobody really would blame them in reality. They want and probably need the money. Plus, the hotel wants those rich people to return. Yet, how can hard working “real” people be treated like a VIP guest? Here are some tips to ponder before you plan your next hotel stay.

Be Gracious To The Person Who Checks You In

The person behind that big check out desk has all the power. This person and the manager are the ones who can help you get the best room, at the best deal. This person may even be the manager if the hotel is busy. For this number one reason, it pays you to be nice and gracious. You should make eye contact as you sign in and you should not be rude. You should not talk on your cell phone or with members of your party.

Be Nice To The Bell Person

The bellman is more than a person who may carry your bags to your room. This can be the person who can recommend the best restaurants and clubs in town. These people are usually born and raised in the town they are working. The hotel managers or the concierges could be from anywhere, especially if the hotel is part of a chain. They may send you to a touristy spot or a place in which they receive a kickback. The bellman may send you to a place that you might enjoy more.

Tip Well

Yes, tipping does pay you as well as the staff. Tipping can ensure that the people will give you the best advice when you need it. Tipping can ensure that you will get faster service. It will also ensure that you get high-grade service. How much should you tip? It is recommended that you tip $2 per bag to the bellman and $1 to $5 per day to housekeeping. Tipping for the person who delivers your room services may be included with your food (check your menu to see). However extra tipping can be added if you wish, room service bill to the delivery person, and $10 to the person who checked you in when you first arrived. For more on tipping hotel staff, check out this article from Trip Savy.

If you follow some of the above advice, the hotel staff may go a little extra to make your stay even more comfortable. You may even feel like a VIP guest by the time you check out and you may wish to return to the hotel, again.

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