How to be a Professional Home Builder in Oklahoma

A professional home builder is a person who is licensed and recognized to construct or renovate homes. He usually works with architects, engineers and tradesmen to accomplish house construction projects.

professional home builder

Experience teaches lots of people to develop the skill of building houses. But becoming professional in this field requires a certain process. If you want to become a certified professional home builder especially in Oklahoma, here’s what you need to do:

1. Get a Degree

This is not a strict requirement. But if you have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in construction management, you’ll certainly find your job a bit easier. A diploma or certificate in energy-efficient home construction can certainly give you an edge over other contractors especially during the selection process.

2. Develop skills in construction-relevant software.

A professional home builder is not good only on the technical aspects of home construction. He should also be proficient in relevant software and computer programs. This includes computer–aided design (CAD), integrated construction management, project management and other related software.

3. Obtain a certification.

A certification is not a compulsory requirement for construction managers. But it can greatly help to let prospective clients know that you have it to back your skills and experience. You can obtain a certification through the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), American Institute of Constructors (AIC) and Certified Professional Constructor (CPC) examinations. Take note though that in order to qualify for the examinations in any of these certifying bodies, you should fist comply with their respective requirements.

4. Develop Experience

Experience is one of the best assets you can get in order to be competent and reliable in the home construction business. It is the most important requirement sought for by construction companies who look for project managers.

5. Comply with Oklahoma home builders requirements.

There is currently a lack of builder-licensing agencies in Oklahoma. If you want to become a recognized professional home builder in this state, you should comply with the requirements of a local organization called Oklahoma State Home Builders Association (OSHBA):

5.1 Eligibility

To become eligible, a builder must be a member of good standing in the OSHBA for at least two years.

5.2 Continuing Education

All members are required to obtain nine hours of continuing education each year. This will make sure that all active OSHBA members or Certified Professional Builders (CBP) are kept abreast of the industry’s best practices and new regulations. Three hours of this continuing education should be focused on safety, insurance, or ethics. Builders may also attend classes at the International Builders Show to qualify for credits. This should be reported to OSHBA during renewal of license. New applicants are required to obtain nine hours of continuing education in order to become a certified professional builder.

5.3 Compliance with Applicable Laws

All certified professional builders must comply with Oklahoma state laws on residential home construction.

5.4 Financial Stability

Certified OSHBA builders are required to meet credit check standards set by their local chapters.

5.5 Insurance Coverage

All certified builders of OSHBA are required to carry premium insurance policy of workers compensation as well as a minimum of one million dollars in general liability insurance.

5.6 Membership

All applicants for professional home builder license must be a member of a local association for two consecutive years.

5.6 Warranty

All active OSHBA builders must cover their contracts with a written warranty of not less than one year.

5.7 Code of Ethics

All OSHBA members must adhere to the OSHBA Code of Ethics.

5.8 Minimum Constructions Standards

All Certified Professional Builders are required to conduct their business in compliance with all applicable local, state and national building codes.

All existing members and applicants of the OSHBA must comply with the association’s requirements. Failure to comply is a ground for ineligibility for re-certification one year.

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